my name is madeline grace, but i’ve always gone by just maddie. ever since i emerged out of my “awkward stage” where, by solely looking at my style, it was hard to tell what gender i was, i have loved every aspect of the fashion forward world. looking back, my mom has never been the type to pick my outfits out for me or stop me from wearing what i wanted, probably because she likes her fashion freedom just like me. i think i was in the fifth grade when my favorite hobby became picking out tommorows’ outfit all by myself. i will say i had a unique style, i was experimenting with different patterns, textures and colors which sometimes didn’t turn out as planned (don’t be fooled, this still happens today). i will never overcome the thrill of piecing together the perfect duo for as long as i live.

fashion is liberating. nothing can make a woman feel as outspoken and vibrant as clothing. in my opinion, someone’s style can make or brake my first impression of them. there are so many different aspects of fashion, never to be fully understood by the average girl. i don’t particularly like the idea of having one “style” that your whole wardrobe follows, why not be spontaneous and not go by the rules? why not wear whatever you want whenever you want? i might be crazy, but this is america and we have the right to express ourselves through our clothing. you don’t have to be rich to by stylish. you don’t have to be an expert. just let your style reflect your personality and make it all your own.

i’m not a blogger, but i take joy in writing. so this is where my journey begins. from now on i am going to blog through each day and bring each post to life with pictures. if you’re interested in an average girl with big dreams and a creative mind, you can follow me on my journey…

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