good company.

last night. Halloween night.
during the daytime I scrambled around trying to find plans for the spooky holiday. when nothing came to mind I resorted to a night spent in my home, watching netflix and eating junk food (every basic girl’s dream).
however, my night was saved when a few good friends of mine invited me and my sister over to their house for a mellow time, homemade food and a bonfire for our entertainment (keep in mind, we live in the Pacific Northwest countryside where large fires are acceptable).
as we sat by the vibrant yellow flames rising well over 5 feet above my head I looked at the different faces of contemplation that surrounded me. each one consumed with their own mind, including myself. and not one of us knowing the others logic, yet all of our thought wondering was rooted from the same picture in front of us; a fire set ablaze.
as the night wore on and the laughter grew, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I am so blessed (once again) to call such wonderful people my friends. seeing the faces of both old and new companions share joy in simple things like sweet candy or corny jokes made my heart happy.
there’s no better feeling than walking away from people who play parts in your life and being able to say the phrase “I love them.” in the most sincere and genuine way.
Love The People You Choose To Surround Yourself With
…and never let blessings go unnoticed.


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