my fashion icon.

how many times are you flipping through a catalog or scrolling through your Instagram feed when you come across an outfit you would die to own? in my life this happens quite frequently and many times the clothing is found on famous celebrities. I’m talking actual fashion, with key components, lovely textures, varied colors, and the unique touches of fashionable minds.
the girl at the top of my celebrity style list, someone who has no fashion fear, who wears every article of clothing with confidence, the one and only, Carrie Bradshaw (aka Annasophia Robb). no matter what patterns or colors she chooses to pair together, they never fail to look amazing. even though she is only exactly five feet tall she nearly pulls off every outfit she wears, the reason being, she knows what looks good on her figure (which is very important in the fashion world). many times during the tv series she wore form-fitting dresses and skirts, accentuating her bottom half, causing her waist to look even tinier than normal.

she wore many peplum blazers and shirts which also made the same effect. since the show was set in the 80’s, Carrie sported loads of geometric print, polka dots, and neon colors. another one of her staple pieces were poofy (made that way with tooling) circle skirts.


she loves styling ‘print on print’, in which case most people cannot pull off, but she’s Carrie Bradshaw. I notice she pulls a lot of different textures into her outfits, making them more pleasing and intricate to the eye. you can tell she is very creative because you will never see her wear the same outfit pairing more than once (but it is a tv show). her hair adds to the dimension of her look, it’s how she is known and recognized, the iconic, blonde ringlets that frame her face so well. her makeup is never too heavy, causing her face to look youthful and glowy. all in all, Miss Bradshaw never disappoints and will forever be my fashion icon. she brings life to dull clothing and wears it like a modest, elegant woman who isn’t afraid of the world. My dream is to one day meet and interview the original interviewer for Interview Magazine.

p.s. if you have never watched the show, you have never experienced the feeling of connections with wonderful characters, love of 80’s fashion, or the one and only heartthrob, Sebastian Kid. there are so many amazing elements and emotions to be felt when watching the best series ever made. if you are just starting (or thinking now about starting) to delve into the episodes, I am beyond jealous because I have already finished both seasons that have been released. but please enjoy and tell me your fantastic opinions of it!
this post is dedicated to the beautiful Carrie. you do everything right, girl.


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