i rarely use exclamation marks, which means this must be an important occasion. well, your assumption was correct… I SOLD MY FIRST THING ON ETSY. hold your applause, I know it’s crazy but it’s mostly true. since you’re dying to know what it was, I’ll ease your mind and tell you it was a 1970’s cropped, green Christmas sweater. and it was extremely cute in my opinion, therefore, I definitely understand why it was snatched up so quickly. on Etsy, I styled it with a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans and buckled leather booties. even though the pants weren’t high waisted, the slightly cropped sweater went well. and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to sell anything as quickly as I did, but I am NOT complaining. the recipient used a check as the form of payment, so as soon as it comes through my PayPal I will be shipping it to the UK.

I know there’s notice of a story behind my first sell, but nonetheless it really inspired my shop and keeping it updated. AND I couldn’t keep it a secret from my favorite blog readers any longer! here’s the pictures that sold my sweater, I hope you find joy in them also. and if you haven’t already taken a look at my shop I would really really love and appreciate your support❤️

ps. i was going for the hipster, laid back style if u didn’t feel the vibe.


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