michael todd cleanser review.

michael todd charcoal detox deep pour cleanser- $23
it can be bought at


my thoughts on the product…
i recently purchased the charcoal cleanser on the michael todd website. in the short time I’ve been using it I have absolutely loved it. i wash my face with it every morning and night, having incorporated it into my daily face care routine already.
what can I say about the product? what can’t I say would be a better question… it holds all qualities I could want in a simple face cleanser; it’s vegan, organic, very foamy and slightly invigorating from the hint of mint and charcoal. it only requires a pea size amount to cover and clean the entire area of the face. it cleans deep beneath the surface of the skin just like it promises. i now strongly stand by this product and I’ve been loving the effect it’s been having on my teenage skin. thank you michael todd for making this godsend product.
i hope this review was helpful for you, and if you enjoy reading about my opinions please tell me so I can write more for my readers. love all. love madeline.

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