give yourself a makeover with GlamST iOS

i’ve recently had the opportunity to try out, and review, a new app on the App Store. it’s called GlamST iOS, a virtual makeup creator that allows you to apply makeup to a selfie of yourself, a celebrity or a model that the app supplies you with. the innovative program was recently launched and is now being talked about by many users.
to begin, you choose a portrait to work with, next you can adjust the personal details of the face to how you like them. for example, eye color and hair color…

after you have decided what features you want the person to have, you can now play around with different themes such as glamorous, hipster or sexy…

once everything is selected you can now sit back and relax while your masterpiece is being assembled. here is a model with half of her face presented with the “fresh” makeup look, and the other half with nothing…


i believe the app is well executed and can be used as a great beauty tool on multiple occasions. maybe you’re late for a fancy evening and don’t have enough time to try out more than one makeup look before running out of the house. good thing GlamST comes to your rescue when you can simply import a selfie and find out which makeup style fits your event perfectly, like “glamorous” or “edgy”. this trick takes away the hassle of having to eliminate looks by physical application, which is much more time consuming. it can be used as a great tool for makeup artists or even amateur artists. or even the basic girl who enjoys spicing up her Instagram selfies, which isn’t a problem since GlamST enables you to post your creation straight from the app.

to get a better idea of what the app is capable of doing, here is my favorite look that I’ve made on a model…

i like the app, and I know you would too! that’s why you should go over to the App Store and get the beneficial service… love all. love Madeline.

GlamST Instagram-

You can buy it here at the App Store:
GlamST’s website:

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