Instagram fanatic.

my love for Instagram (a personal gallery of my life and art) began around 3 years ago. I have loved it wholeheartedly ever since and don’t go one week without posting something new. I love the idea of “a life through pictures”, you don’t have to be famous or “cool” or have a lot of friends. all you have to do is post whatever you like, whether is be art, hobbies, selfies or even food. I’m a complete advocate for the popular app and I know most of you probably are too. usually I don’t self promote, but I work really hard on each image and I think you would like my page. I post my hobbies, my adventures and obviously a few selfies here and there.

If you want to follow me or like some pictures of mine:

a collection of some of my favorite pictures…











I hope you like some of my work, and if you do you could always give me a follow or just a like.
If any of you have Instagram accounts that you’re proud of and want me to see, leave your handle (your @) down below and I will follow everyone!
as always, thank you for reading my blog, it’s much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say.

Once again, my personal account (where all these pictures came from):

My business account (where I post fashion/beauty/for sale items):

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