how to: trim short hair at home.

about 40 days ago I made the large decision to chop off the definite majority of my long locks. now, since it has been growing out like crazy (I mean CRAZY, my hair is out of control), I got my shears out (for the first time ever), watched a few youtube videos and began fearlessly altering the length.

First, I started by gathering all of my supplies today in order for me to be prepared when my hair was ready to work with.
-any big clips to section hair (optional- I did because I have EXTREMELY thick hair)
-SHARP shears
-cape or shirt that you don’t care gets hairy
-newspaper to cover ground (or hard ground that could just be swept)
-spray bottle
-and it helps if someone is there to help with the back portion
-fine tooth comb

Then I washed my hair in my bath tub (note: very uncomfortable), which could also be done in a large sink. I used these products, they aren’t amazing, but definitely get the job done.

And here’s me breaking my neck…

Next, I lightly dried my hair just until it was damp with a twisted towel.

Here’s the fun part… Once my hair was the wetness I desired, I sectioned it into three parts, leaving only the bottom one down and pinning the rest up (I used a scrunchie (lol) but use whatever you prefer).

My sister kindly offered to trim the back for me, it would have been impossible without her help.
I decided on the exact amount I wanted to chop off, just above my shoulders. my sister cut a small chunk of my hair, then matched the rest with it, continuing that way to finish the first portion.

Afterwards, I kept on the same pattern, slowly matching and then trimming each side leading up to my A-line guideline. I used the fine tooth comb to smooth down each part, flattening the wet hair between my fingers , then shearing away. Shorter in back, longer towards the front.

I literally had no plan going into tho small endeavor, I trimmed at random places and basically tailored it to fit my liking. Trimming and comparing, trimming and comparing. And wow did it take me a long time. I started around 3:30 and had to stop at 5:30 (unfinished) since I was going to be late for my geology night class. in order to keep my finished and unfinished hair separate while I took my cutting break, I attended class with the untouched last portion still twisted up with a scrunchie (on the very top of my head- making it look almost laughable). when I arrived home again it didn’t take me much longer until I concluded my new doo an the night, keeping with the same technique.
My first trim was quite an experience, there were a few hiccups and every line wasn’t perfectly straight, but I was okay with it because I was going for the tousled and textures cut. Overall, it was a success with minor issues. But, hey, I saved $35!! And that’s good enough for me. AND my hair is shorter than it was before, also a plus. and even though it may look minuscule, it’s what I wanted.
The end results…🌻🌹



I hope you enjoyed and maybe (just maybe) it was partially interesting or helpful for you. love all. love Madeline. xoxo

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