a life update.

well well well.
my life.
first off, I’ve been extremely busy. why, you may ask?
currently, I am enrolled in two college courses (and yes I am only a sophomore in high school), geology 102 and Spanish 202. my second semester in Oregon just started at the beginning of last week, so luckily my finals are already over. but since I’m into a higher spanish class now (I’ve taken all of them up to this point) and I’m new to geology all together (I didn’t take 101 first) I’m not entirely sure what to expect.
who knows, maybe the tests will be harder than I’ve ever experienced or my teacher could grade my presentation as if he majored in speech.
basically, I have been studying quite a lot since both of my first tests are this upcoming week. just to make sure I don’t fail (lol). close to 70 different spanish verbs and two new verb tenses; preterite and imperfect (which, if you’ve ever taken spanish, you’d know those are the hardest things to learn). I’m not always the star student when it comes to the studying department, I tend to procrastinate quite a bit. but this weekend I got my butt in gear and dove in head first. I’m proud to say, I made a flash card for every single verb and vocab word. woohoo! ¡Yo estoy muy cansada ahora!
what else.
I’ve been working on my blog a lot. I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with various content and improving my photo quality. and best of all, I’m teaming up with multiple independent companies/brands at this very moment in order to give you guys the most spectacular results. I hope you guys are looking forward to it just like me. and stay tuned for a giveaway in the near future as a way for me to express my love and thankfulness to you all.
and last but not least, I’ve been eating crap. literally crap. so last night I decided to knock that off and start clean on my glorious Sunday. so far it has been a success, if you were wondering! and I’ve pushed myself to drink more water for a more refreshed and healthier body. who wants to get clean with me?
I’ll jog with you. in spirt, I mean. I’m hoping to get in a three mile jog at least five times this week. fingers crossed.
well, that’s all I have for today. isn’t it funny that you go through each day thinking, wow my life is so interesting and full of meaning….
and then you write it all down and you just laugh? ha, me too.
what have you lovely readers been up to lately? exploring? eating? excersizing? studying? photo taking?
I’d love to know.
love all. love Madeline.

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