90’s Boho Chick.

I love finding inspiration in the places in which others never seem to look.

I mix vintage pieces with modern trends to create my one of a kind outfits. Not always do I put a ton of effort into my day’s clothing, but when I do I make sure it’s worth my time.

And trust me, many times I walk out of the house wearing a very unusual montage just to regret it hours later. I’ve sported some items that immediately have me thinking “wow… and this is the reason why I never wear this”, but I’ve also worn some things that make stepping out of my fashion comfort zone well worth it’s flaws.

Today I went for a bohemian vibe, coupled with a little 90’s flare- a trend that is sure to be seen while scrolling through your instagram feed. I felt that the look embodied my person style well, while making it easy for me to experiment with a few pieces that rarely get out of my closet. The only downfall to my get up was that it didn’t provide much warmth, something I desperately needed in the still chilly pacific northwest weather.

all clothing details will be listed below.

DSCN0390 DSCN0396 DSCN0394

DSCN0411 DSCN0407DSCN0410

Like always, I encourage you to step out of your style comfort zone, even if that means simply wearing a stylish hat, or sporting heeled booties. I always love to see what types of outfits you guys create, feel free to send them to me on Instagram @madeline.explored (the link is below this), on twitter @Mangopapaya27 or at my email Mangopapaya207@gmail.com

If you do end up sending me a picture of your ootd I will be featuring my favorites in my next fashion blog post!

Dress- Urban Outfitters (by brand Kimchi)

Sweater- Urban Day

Boots- Vintage (90’s)

Hat- Vintage (by brand Stetson)

Do something different and unexpected today…

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All pictures are my own. I will be announcing my giveaway winner within a few days.

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