Fit Snack Subscription Box Review.

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When I first opened the Fit Snack healthy snack food subscription box that was delivered to my door, I was impressed by the variety and assortment of packaged treats.

I was lucky to work with Fit Snack, a company that encourages their costumers to stay active and live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Of course eating clean and working out are things I strive to do, but with the hectic life I live and the lack of time I have definitely don’t always help myself keep my goals in view. They are a monthly subscription box that costs $15 per month plus shipping and handling in return for a wide range of clean eating snacks that normally have a value of over $30 in the store. Fit Snack provides healthy alternatives for people who live busy lives and a wonderful support system to go along with their creations.

Most of their snacks, if not all, are:

nutrient dense- high in protein and complex carbohydrates and low in sugars.

consciously made- GMO free, produced organically and sustainably farmed.

diversified energy- gluten free, clean eating, paleo and raw.

My thoughts

Visually, the box is very engaging, decorated with bright colors and motivational pictures.

My two favorite things that were included was the guide for a full body workout (something that I’ve been meaning to do) and the sporty tanktop.

I was very excited to try out the various snacks because most of them sounded delicious.

However, I was quite disappointed with some of them, finding they either didn’t have a lot of flavor or their taste didn’t fit the description.

Since the box was packed with 9 different items, I am only going to share a few memorable ones with you, unless you are interested in hearing my opinion on more; in which case you could tell me in the comments.

Nogii Protein Powder

I enjoyed the protein powder, it tasted similar to many I’ve tried in the past, nothing special, but it does the job and tastes good. It is made with whey and quinoa, and is certified gluten free. Both vanilla and chocolate come in the box, ready-to-use on the go or at home in small, convenient pouches.

The Protein Bakery

Chocolate Chocolate White Chip Cookies-

These were one of my favorite food items, packed with protein and chocolate, they are a great on-the-go snack that tastes delicious and is easy to grab. Best of all, the baked cookies are also gluten free, following the wide-spread health craze that many people stick to. Wonderful product!
Peanut Butter Blondie-

I have always loved a good blondie, but when I sunk my teeth into the Protein Bakery’s I was very disappointed. It had a slightly grainy texture, I did not taste one hint of peanut butter, that it claims to be made of, and what I did notice was an eggy after-taste. Maybe it’s because the treat was made without gluten, or blondies are hard to perfect, but I couldn’t even finish the whole square.

Fit Snack- Veggie Chips

I really enjoyed the veggie chips even though I could imagine other people could dislike them. They are pack with fiber and vitamin A, and are low in sodium (unlike many other chips). The chips are good for your body and taste simply like a crunchy vegetable, something I have no problem with.

Simply Seven Snacks- Quinoa Chips

I liked the quinoa chips because they reminded me of sunchips, or chips that aren’t healthy for you (always a plus). They are gluten free and made with simple ingredients, perfect for people who are trying to keep a nice figure, but still crave a salty pick-me-up during a hectic day. I would repurchase the quinoa chips for an easy fill-me-up.

Oven Baked Orgaincs- Gluten Free Pancake Mix


I found that I really enjoyed the pancakes, they are gluten free (always a plus!), fluffy and light, moist and easy to make. They turned out slightly grainy, but nothing to worry about once you drench them in butter. I sifted powder sugar over mine, but obviously add whatever toppings you like best. Also, the idea behind the wet ingredients you’re supposed to add is that most of them are substitutable with even healthier ones such as vegan milk, or applesauce.

The mix is easily comparable to Pamela’s, which my house is never without. My family liked them, and I ate quite a lot. I give them an A in my book.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts on this trusted company, I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to test their products out for yourself and let me know your conclusions.

If you’re interested in purchasing for Fit Snack:

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I was sponsored to make this post, but all opinions are my own like always.

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