A rare and glorious beach day.

nothing is better than seeing that the weather will be in the high seventies at the oregon coast. that is, when u live in oregon.
especially since my small town has been encased with a groggy fog for weeks on end, it was such an unexpected treat to escape to the coast. or so we thought…
the day started off well, we gathered together loads of belongings to be shoved into the car, ate breakfast and got our never-forgotten Dutch bros.

It wasn’t until we had been driving for about 25 minutes that there was a sudden “POP” sound, then the feeling of off kilterness in the backseat, and finally the grinding of metal upon pavement as my dad’s extremely heavy truck scraped to a stop.
wanna guess what happened?

…. Yes, you’re right. Our wheel. THE WHOLE FRICKEN BACK LEFT WHEEL. popped right off of it’s securement and began rolling up the slight hill adjacent to us and stopped almost in unison with our truck.
my dad managed to control and stop the truck; but only to be unseen on the shoulder of a partially blind curve where many cars fly by.
In a hurry, my mother was sent out to direct traffic away from our broken down vehicle as my dad hurriedly got on the phone with a towing service (thank goodness for the 21st century and cell phones).
All the while, people were beyond generous; supplying my mom with flares for extra caution in warning people of the wreck, two men carried the escape tire across the highway and back to us, and several others just asking if they could lend a helping hand. The gratitude that was offered in our small time of need was something to be admired in my opinion. As my sister continued making a fuss that all people wanted was to get in on all the “drama” that was unfolding, I was smiling because it’s a reassuring feeling to know that there are still some decent people in this world that stop to help troubled people out instead of only worrying about themselves.
After waiting for around 40 minutes (I was simply taking advantage of the beautiful view we were given to look upon while sneaking pictures of the commotion around me), we were rescued by a polite tow truck driver and driven back home, accompanied by our 3-wheeled truck.

My family and I were not going to let a small hiccup like this deter us from getting to the sunny ocean that was calling our names. As my uncle put it “we were troopers”. If we had stayed home, it would have been like saying “okay, you beat us, you won and now we won’t have any fun today”.
Well. We sure did show that not-so-great beginning to our day, because the beach was warmer and more beautiful than I have experienced in a very long time. Even though we arrived with not as much time as we had planned, we made the best of it and enjoyed every last drop of sunshine.
The beach was golden and there were people scattered across the shoreline, enjoying the special day, like ourselves. We met our cousins there and took joy in their company. We tossed a frisbee, played the chasing game with rippled waves, climbed massive rocks and watched the sunset illuminate the sky.
It was perfect and God was beside us all day long. He made sure we stayed safe during the tire failure and he supplied a glorious day at the oregon coast with people we love. He is awesome. Don’t you think?

I told you we had a gorgeous view….

DSCN0550  DSCN0547

This perfectly captured moment of my sister’s worried expression explains it all.


Another great view we were able to see while riding in the tow truck with this friendly man.


And finally… we made it to the coast where the sun was glorious…


My sweetpea Samantha Mary when I got her laughing about silly voices I was making.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



The golden cast of the sun..



Sammi telling me a story; one of her favorite pass-times.


Twirling on the sand…




This kind old soul was able to join in on the fun too.

DSCN0561 DSCN0582 DSCN0671  DSCN0641

He was just saying hello.


A painted sky marked the end to the beautiful day from the Lord.


Hope you all enjoyed reading about our small adventure! Have a wonderful week(:

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2 thoughts on “A rare and glorious beach day.

  1. rita

    HE IS AWSOME!!!! you were blessed…….This story brought tears to my eyes…and then smiles…I love the picture where you are throwing the frisbee in the air……..and Sam of course…and it was nice to see Sugar…


  2. nancyleep

    Maddy – a lovely narrative of your eventful day. Not an LOL, but a smile & chuckle, thinking of you and your family and all their different reactions. Samantha looks like a little fairy sprite dancing near the waves. Carpe diem!!!!


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