Sunshine + Spring Vibes.

The sunshine was lovely today.

Not everything about this day was great, but the sun put a smile on my face.

I decided to welcome the approaching return of spring with a floral dress and my statement Docs. And I felt confident in what I was wearing today, not one time did I regret my outfit choices. Since the air is still slightly brisk I threw on an oversized caridgan, a pair of tights/leggings, and called it perfect.

Yes, my hair fashioned in corn rows once again, a style that I cannot get enough of. What did you sport today? I would love to know.

DSC_0290 DSC_0298  DSC_0278           DSC_0293 DSC_0280

Hope you all enjoyed my slice of sunshine and energy. I’d love to interact more with my readers; please leave your twitter and instagram handles below so I can see what you guys are up to! Or we can just chat in the comment section. Love all. Love Madeline. xoxo

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