Insta Natural’s Dead Sea Mud Mask Review.

I have been a face mask fanatic for weeks now. I love trying new ones in hopes of discovering one that nurtures my skin like no other.

I was sent the dead sea mud mask by Insta Natural.

I was able to use it multiple times on my face and my sister’s. I found that while the mask sat on my face for the directed time, it became almost unbearably itchy. I have felt this with other masks before, but I don’t know the exact reason for it.

I wasn’t too impressed once I removed the mask; I saw no major difference in my skin, but what I did notice was the drying properties it possesses. My skin felt tight and moisture-lacking after only one use. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has normal to dry skin; only oily or acne prone. It also claims to result in radiant and refined skin, none of which I experienced.

I like that the product is all natural; hence the name. But other than that, I wasn’t too please, perhaps I will try it again during summer when my skin is less dry.

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