Pacifica coconut wipe and BB cream review.

Today I’m back with my second Pacifica beauty review. This all-natural and organic company never fails to impress me with their beautifully packaged, trusty, yet reasonably priced products. To be quite honest, I find myself reaching for at least one of Pacifica’s products each morning as I get ready for the day. I am ecstatic and grateful that I was introduced to the wonderful brand since I completely stand behind their philosophy and ingredients. What more can a girl ask for?

I was sent both the Alight Multi-mineral BB cream and Coconut water facial towelettes, therefore, that will be what I’m reviewing.

We shall begin…

Alight Multi-mineral BB Cream

I have been skeptical of BB creams in the past since I prefer to use full coverage foundations in my average everyday makeup routine. However, I decided to give the light formula a try, not to mention, the benefits are greater than normal foundation. The cream is made from floral stems. Therefore, it’s made from flowers and that alone makes me want to put it all over my face. It claims to be a skin tint, illuminating primer, perfecting finish, age-defying skincare, and shade-matching formula. They say the product works on all skin types and shades.

I liked the way the product applied; light and smooth on the skin. One of it’s best qualities was the noticeable reduction of the appearance of my larger pores. The first time I applied it, I was unhappy with the amount of coverage that it gave me, so I decided to layer my powder foundation over the top. Throughout the day I thought it held up relatively well, save for the excess oil that was created in my T-zone. After using it a few more times, I conclude that it gives the least amount of coverage a base product can give.

However, I now take advantage of it’s other star qualities, such as an illuminating primer and pore eraser. Overall, I think the product has good elements, but I would not recommend it for people looking for high coverage or who have oily skin.

Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

The facial towelettes claim to be natural, biodegradable, sulfate free, paraben free and 100% vegan. The key ingredients are coconut water, papaya, aloe vera and calendula.

With such a multitude of outstanding claims, I had very high expectations for these wipes before trying them on my face. I’m always looking to find a great makeup remover so I don’t have to struggle with streaky eyeliner and mascara.

I was extremely pleased when I swiped the towelette over my full face of makeup; it was plain to see the obvious amount of residue that it removed. It felt soft and delicate on my sensitive skin, and easily made my heavy face and eye makeup disappear. Plus, the smell of faint coconuts and tropical fruit was prominent in the product, one of my favorite qualities.

All in all, I really liked the coconut water wipes, and the BB cream has some unique elements. I will always recommend Pacifica as a trusty brand that’s healthy for the body and skin and I love having the privilege to review such wonderful products.

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This post is sponsored, but all opinion are my own like always.

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