The Progression of Break.

Well. It is spring break. A time I’ve been looking forward to for months now.

And now that it’s finally arrived, I guess I’ll say, it’s different than I expected it would be.

I feel like each school break that comes along makes me have some big epiphany. Mine happened towards the beginning of this one.

When you’re a child, it’s normal to hear the phrase, “Just wait, life get’s harder”, or something of the sort. But never had I imagined that being a teenager, in these in-between years, would be as hard as it is. The worst part, in my opinion, is the ability to see peoples’ true colors. Or, inability, I should say.

Maybe I’m very different from most teenagers, but the biggest downfall to my character is the fact that I have an extremely difficult time seeing anything but the good in my peers. Even when, time and time again, someone makes it clear to see their impurity. In some ways it’s a blessing, but it can definitely be seen as a curse as well. Anyone feel me?

On a whole separate note, I am beyond elated for the upcoming days.

Tonight: My dad comes home from Hawaii (with yummy Hawaiian goodies in hand)

Thursday: My best friend, whom I’ve mentioned so many times before, will be coming home for a visit!


… and the rest will follow. Who else has fun plans for the last portion of break?

Last but not least, I have been trying my hardest to fight off a small sore throat for around 3 days now. Luckily, that means I’m able to lounge around the house and catch up on Revenge, but I’m hoping it will dissipate within the next 24 hours. Crossing my fingers.

Although things can be rough sometimes, there’s no doubt in my mind that God is by my side each moment. And that I am BLESSED. Thank you for indulging in my spring break and life. Tell me about yours! Love all. Love Madeline.

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