Recent Escapades.

Yes, I was on Spring break last week, and no I did not post as much as I promised I would.

BUT, I did go to a few pretty neat places and document some of the fun activities I partook in. So we’ll just call it even, and I don’t have to feel bad and you don’t have to be disappointed.

My spring break did not start off well. I was sick from Monday through Friday with the type of sickness that just makes you lethargic at first, and then slowly progresses into a head cold. Not fun. Anya (who you should all know by now) came in late Thursday night just in time to spend my birthday with me.

Yes, I was sick on my birthday. Nevertheless, I convinced my dad to come to breakfast with his favorite girls, at my favorite breakfast restaurant, where they serve my favorite corn beef hash. It was great. I also got a pedicure, AND both Anya and I passed our permit tests now that I was 15 and she had been for a few months. The day just kept getting better when I begged my mom to drive us up to the top of a beautiful mountain where we would watch the sunset and eat our take-out dinner. Sadly, the gate leading to the lookout tower with the best view was closed for some dumb reason so we had to settle with a short hike, no sunset and cold, gusty air while we ate our not-so-warm meal. However, I still really enjoyed our time and company, plus we saw a baby black bear barrel along the road ahead of us, which was pretty darn cute. I’m not complaining, it was a good birthday.

The rest of the week went smoothly, reminding me of just how happy sweet souls and warm sunshine make me.

This spring break was one for the books, I couldn’t have been more blessed.

Thank you to everyone for the smiles and laughs, I am grateful for God’s beauty and people’s love. p.s. THANK YOU ALSO FOR 100 FOLLOWERS. My heart is elated.

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5 thoughts on “Recent Escapades.

  1. rita

    Hi Maddie, I love the picture of the three of you on the mountain and the green grass below…you know my favorite color is green, and I just found out this week that green is the color of HOPE….Love Grandma


    1. Thank you so much, you are seriously my favorite blogger. Your material is amazing and I hope to be as good as you one day. I saw that you have a place to contact you for guest posts? Do you think I would be a good fit for that?


      1. If you cook, then you can absolutely be featured as a guest editor!
        My guest posts are pretty much a collection of other food bloggers creating good food and posting on my behalf 😀


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