My spring essentials.

My spring essentials….

Spring is in the air, and I’m getting in the spirit by expanding my beauty must-haves.

Pacifica has a definite place in my collection. Here I show their coconut deodorant wipes made with coconut milk and essential oils, natural mascara, essential makeup removing wipes made with jasmine and coconut water and island vanilla spray-on perfume.



I also included one of my favorite mascara’s of the moment, L’oreal’s voluminous million lashes in a royal blue color. EOS lip balm in the mint flavor is a holy grail product of mine, one that I use every morning and night. I think the NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo is a perfect fit for a fresh spring face as well. And last but not least, I picked Milani’s shadow eyez because of it’s portability and beautiful pigment.

The best part of this collection, in my opinion, is my Papaya clutch. If you’ve never heard of Papaya, it is an outstanding independent company representing some of the most gorgeous artwork I have ever seen. They make wall art, clutches, lunchboxes, wallets, cards, phone cases, notebooks, etc… I truly love their merchandise, and I think all of you will also, so go check them out.


I hope you all enjoyed what my spring essentials are. Now I want to know what you have been reaching for this season! Or what brands are your favorite! Let me know in the comments below.

Love all. Love Madeline.

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17 thoughts on “My spring essentials.

  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    i love your makeup bag – it’s so pretty 🙂 the nyx lip butters are one of my faves too ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Hi Madeline! I saw your comment on my Instagram about you wanting to feature some of my clothes on your blog, and I would be so honored! 🙂 I would love some sort of collaboration, what did you have in mind? 🙂


    1. That’s great! I was thinking that if you had any clothing you have already designed or wanted to custom design a piece or two I could do a lookbook with them for my fashion portion on my blog(: what are you thinking?


      1. Yes, that sounds good 🙂 I take pictures regularly as I make new pieces, so you could just pick and choose from the ones I’ve already posted, or would you like the physical clothing to take your own pictures? 🙂


      2. Yes I do… Hmm maybe if you could get an estimate on the price of shipping, I could send you the correct amount so all you’d have to do is package and ship the thing(s) to me?


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