Style Inspiration: Nina Cloquell

Oh my goodness. Nina Urgell Cloquell is my current style idol.

She is a stylist who goes from San Diego to Barcelona. And wow, let me just say, I absolutely love love love her style. It’s elegant, yet casual, perfect for warm weather and any occasion. Her darker complexion makes the lighter pieces pop.

I hope one day my style will be as flawless and sophisticated as Nina’s.

Let’s dive in…

The length of this skirt is class, it goes perfectly with the heels and oversized basic t shirt.

The detail and for of this skirt is amazing.

All black everythinggg.

Her simplicity is beautiful.

The platform shoes make her looks casual, yet dressed up.

One of my favorite outfits of her’s❤️

I hope you all enjoyed her style lookbook as much as I enjoy seeing her photos while I scroll through my feed. Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing! I love you guys, keep it up!

Love Madeline.

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