PDX finds.

Hey guys, on Saturday I got back from a school trip to the hustling city of Portland, Oregon. And let me just tell you, it was a blast! Both of my teachers who chaperoned the outing are easily the coolest people around.

In the two four hour car rides we sung many country/christian songs, read from the bible, laughed and saw beautiful scenery. The trip was amazing and filled with great shopping, eating and friends. I loved it and cannot wait to do it again.

Here was a rad macrame display I spotted at Urban Outfitters on 23rd street.

A colorfully abstract glass wall at the Portland Museum of Art.

An enchanting flower bush at the Rose Garden feat. my pretty friend Raina.

Oh my, we are so funny.

Just a peachy picture of one of my favorite paintings. Reminded me on the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Some of my favorite of the modern art.

I hope you all enjoyed the beauty of the city as much as I did. Who has been to Portland, Oregon before? and how did you like it?

Thanks for reading, lovely ladies. Love, Madeline.

I’m constantly on Instagram, as stated in previous posts, so you can follow my day to day life on there: https://instagram.com/moody.madeline/

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