Mom’s day. 

To celebrate the women who have always cared for us…

Here are a few useful ideas for the lazy minds on this Mother’s Day. Because we all know how important that perfect gift is that will warm our mom’s heart.

to kick it off with a bang! here’s a cookbook that would make your mother happy and your tummy happier.

I don’t know about yours, but mine likes relaxing spa products to unwind with after a stressful day. Pacifica would be the best choice since they’re made with natural ingredients so…

Take your mom out for a coffee date. Or simply bring the coffee to her and chat in the comfort of your home.

Give your mom the best mani pedi she has ever had.


Let (or make) her read your favorite book(; 

Succulents are good. Moms like succulents.

Bring her a giant bundle of flowers to make her feel special.

Or a slightly smaller bundle with just as much vibrance.

Handmade jewelry makes my mama smile.

Lush takes great care of moms with their gift packages.

Take a selfie with your mother and make her know how rad she is, inside and out.

Cook (or buy) her her favorite meal; whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And lastly, let your mom know how special she is to you. Write a card, give a speech, hand make a gift, anything to reflect the beauty you see in her. Because really, really, what would we do without the person who has always supported and loved us, our mom. Cheers to a happy Mother’s Day!

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