Cheers to the summer.

Summer has finally begun. The weather is warm, school is out, tan lines are emerging, hair is getting lighter… and Madeline is no where to be found on her blog…

Yes, I would like to first apologize and let those of you (who are reading this) know that I appreciate you so very much. Lately I have been enjoying the beginning to my summer a great deal by relaxing, going to the river, sitting by the pool and getting outside. Therefore, I have rudely neglected blogging and I will not live this way anymore.

Now, to give you an update on my life…. I ended school during the first week of June (yes, my school is awesome!). Since then I have been busy climbing a HUGE rock that’s practically in my backyard   I have also sat by the river bank once, and another time I went rafting with some good friends. 

So far my summer has been mellow and fun.

On Saturday I leave for my young life summer camp for a one week stay (and I’m happy to say I raised all of the needed funds by myself just in time to leave!!). After I come back from that, I then leave for a three week long family road trip across the entire country in order to visit family back East which should be interesting. ha.

Well now you know my plans for life. I want to know what all of you lovely people are doing for the summer of 2k15?!

That’s all for today, but please stay tuned because in the near future I will be doing a small giveaway and a special summer post! I love you all

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