The Happiness Project no. 1 // Food Matters

Happy 2016 friends!

Year after year, people all around the world make countless New Year’s resolutions; whether they are to live a healthier lifestyle, exercise more, be more inspired, or more organized, and the list goes on…

But if we really think about the end goal of a New Year’s resolution, the theme seems to simply be happiness. Because everyone (or at least the vast majority of us) just want to be happy in this life.  And there’s no problem with setting extreme goals for yourself, like going to the gym everyday, but such resolutions are not entirely necessary (or practical).

I’ve decided to create a series called The Happiness Project, beginning this month (January), and hopefully continuing until the end of 2016. In this series of blog posts, I will talk about a variety of topics; including relaxation tips, DIY’s, how to use your time effectively and how to be more confident (just to name a few). My end goal of this project is to inspire you, my reader, by thinking outside of the box and hopefully encouraging more happiness all around!

I know this introduction is getting a bit lengthy, but please bare with me.. The reason I decided to start The Happiness Project at this time is because my spirits have been feeling a bit blue lately with the depths of winter upon us and school in full swing. Especially these last few days, on the return from a great winter break, I feel myself quickly slipping into a colorless trance, where creativity is scarce. My soul is yearning for sunshine and summertime, but my mind and body are stuck in a valley of fog, and what seems like eternal school work that clouds my thoughts. But, all thanks to our God, I was able to come up with this project that will hopefully lift my gloomy spirits and help spark some inspiration in you as well (especially if you can relate to the way this January is making me feel).

With no further blabbering, I present to you my first topic in The Happiness Project

Food matters

For months now, I have wanted to eat a clean diet, cutting out unnecessary sugar and carbohydrates; but I just couldn’t bring myself to make such a large lifestyle change. However, when my unclear skin began quickly progressing and becoming a large hinderance to both my confidence and my happiness, I couldn’t wait another second to try out my last hope of clear skin without using harsh medications. I made the choice to eat a gluten, sugar and dairy-free diet, and let me tell you, I could’t be happier!

Why people with acne-prone skin shouldn’t eat gluten, dairy and sugar-

Sugar is made of two simpler sugars that are stuck together: fructose and glucose. Sugar is one of the worst things you can consume when you’re struggling with acne because of the fructose that it contains, which literally feeds the bacteria that a pimple is made of. This causes an extreme increase of pimple production and growth.

On the other hand, gluten acts as a gut inflammatory substance when it’s consumed, meaning that it causes an increase of bacteria growth and build-up in the body, and at times it’s nasty qualities are reflected onto the skin which make for unpleasant irritation and pimple growth.

And last but not least, dairy should not be consumed when dealing with acne because of the high levels of hormones that are found in animal bi-products, such as cheese, milk, yogurt and cream. In one’s body, these hormones, such as estrogen, throw our own natural hormones off balance by giving us more of that hormone than we need. The hormones in dairy have been known to increase growth of body parts, such as breasts, on both women and men, and boost the production of acne, along with many other bad effects on the human body.

My experience

I have been eating this way for one week so far (I know, not very long), and have already seen drastic results. My skin, during a time of near desperation, and finding absolutely nothing to help it, has finally began to look drastically clearer with much less production of acne. In addition to healthier looking skin, my digestive system has also found this new diet to be soothing, decreasing occasional tummy aches and the feeling of being overly-full.

Of course, before cutting these foods out of my diet, I was hesitant for the reason that it would be hard, or tempting, to resist them. But, I was entirely mistaken, and so far I’ve had no problems staying away from gluten, sugar and dairy products. Instead, I feel better than ever, and I’m never left with the gross (almost guilty) feeling I used to get after eating crap-filled foods. If you’re contemplating going for a cleaner diet, I can only encourage you, and say that there are countless benefits from changing something so minor in the scheme of life.

Throughout my experience of eating clean so far, I have to say that one of the biggest things I’ve come to learn is that my happiness should not rely on food at all. Before I made the switch, I was heavily reliant on processed or sugary foods to make me feel satisfied as a person, but now I’m happy to say that I am starting to find my joy in places other than my dessert! It sounds funny, but it is important that we don’t find too much enjoyment from our food, because I want my happiness to come from God, not some materialistic thing that pollutes my body which I was kindly given by my creator.

(I will be doing weekly updates on the progress of my skin and health after being on my diet for a longer amount of time!)

Suggested alternative snacks

  1. Chips (or veggie sticks) and hummus


2. Trail mix (preferably without chocolate)


3. Banana chips (preferably cooked in coconut oil)


4. Kind Bars


I hope you all enjoyed my first post in The Happiness Project series! Maybe you found it to be helpful or educational to you. I would love to know what you thought of it, if you’re now considering cutting one, or all, of these things out of your diet? Or what remedies have worked to clear your acne if you struggle/struggled like I do? I’m always looking for new things to try! And if you have any questions, be sure to leave them down below!

Thank you, love all. love Madeline.

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I was not sponsored to make this blog post.

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