Get Healthy with me! + Exclusive Discounts

Dear friends,

I’m here to offer you a proposition… Let’s get healthy together!

As you may know (if you’ve been following my journey), I have completely transformed my diet. Yes, I have been gluten, dairy and sugar-free for over three weeks now. And I am over-the-moon, completely loving my new lifestyle change. If you missed my initial spiel about healthier eating, you can read it here.

I want to encourage anyone and everyone, no matter how young, old, healthy or unhealthy your current lifestyle, to join me in my clean journey! I wish for everyone to feel the energy, fulfillment and overall well-being that I have experienced when I eat like this. I don’t want you to feel discouraged, or stressed out because the thought of changing your diet is such a large lifestyle change. Because honestly, just starting with baby steps, like cutting out one food group at a time (like gluten, for example), is a large step towards a healthier life.

One thing that really pushes me to continue eating clean and nourishing my body is immersing myself in all the cool health food companies that are wide-spread nowadays. With it being 2016, we literally have amazing health food right at our finger tips.

The first company I will be talking about is Graze, an online subscription box that is filled with nourishing (and yummy) snacks that is sent to you each week, or modified to your liking. Let me tell you, I was way too overly excited when this small, 8-snack box arrived at my house. Yes, I am a nerd. But it is seriously so cool! I was able to customize the snacks I would receive to my own liking, which is gluten, dairy and sugar-free, on their website. They have a wonderful variety of snacks to choose from, ranging from dried fruit, nuts, popcorn and even energy bars.

If you’re interested in this trendy little subscription box, I have a sweet deal for you! When you use the code: C96DRXQTP at checkout, you automatically receive your 1st and 5th box for free when you sign up. What?! I know right, this is perfect motivation to get start putting great and healthy food into your body!

Click here to visit the graze website and redeem your 1st and 5th snack box for free.


And the second online food service that I recently discovered is called Thrive Market. Thrive makes it possible for you to order all of your favorite snacks and cooking ingredients without even leaving the comfort of your own home. When this box came in the mail I also freaked out a little too much.

Not only does it eliminate going to the grocery store all together, but Thrive always has discounted items. Who doesn’t want to save money? And lucky for you, I have another discount code that will save you $10 off your first Thrive market purchase.

Click here to visit their website and use the code:THRIVE86R53 at checkout to redeem your $10 0ff.

p.s.- their packaging also had me jumping for joy. I mean, just look at how cute this is!

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you this yummy photo of my gluten, diary and sugar-free spaghetti that I made yesterday. To give my body a bit of a boost I placed the pasta on a bed of fresh spinach, and let me tell you, it was delicious!


If you’re interested in seeing a What I Eat in a Day blog post, please let me know in the comments. Also, if you know of any cool online sites that deliver food to your door, I would love to know about them! And if you have any questions about starting your health journey, or learning more about mine, don’t hesitate to ask.

Love all. Love Madeline. xoxo

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