Thrifted Jewels// Pt. I

Often times I look down at my outfit that I chose for the day and think to myself “wow, it’s like I’m a walking thrift store advertisement,” because every single component, from my shoes to my hat, is either vintage or second hand.

But hey, the important thing is that I trick people into thinking that I’m trendy and have a unique style, when really, I just don’t like to spend much money on my clothing.

Ha. All jokes aside, I love thrifting not only because of the rad pieces that are just waiting to be discovered, but I really enjoy the process. Although many people find it tedious and sometimes “gross”, I actually like to spend the time sifting through countless racks packed with clothing. And when I happen to come across something that is literally priceless to me, I find myself to be much more elated than if I were to simply go to a “popular” store, grab something off the rack, and spend a crap-load of cash on it.

Thrifting is always a hit or miss, you either find cool things or walk away with nothing. But luckily the other day I found some keepers that warm my little grandma heart.



At first glance, I almost passed this colorful piece of artwork up. But when I gave it a closer look, I fell in love with the message and the artistic style behind the small framed paper. Now it sits front-and-center on my make-shift desk, and every time I sit down to do work, I get to read it and think of these wonderful virtues that everyone should be reminded of. It’s gently telling me to “take each day as it comes, and don’t get ahead of yourself.” dsc_0827

I don’t know if the brand Papaya is popular in any other state than Oregon, but this phone case in the Papaya store is normally around $25 and I got this one for $2. I was pumped.dsc_0836

Ahhh this hat is just too perfect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit on my big head, but I couldn’t walk away from it. I am planning on selling it (or maybe just squeezing it onto my head). dsc_0849

And now for the hands down best find of the day.

A vintage Pendleton oversized white button down with the most amazing design on the back. It says “Let’er Buck!” with an adorable cowboy riding a stallion. I just love it. dsc_0856dsc_0863

You might be thinking, “how in the world are you going to style this?”

But don’t worry, I have a vision. I’m going to wear it as a shirt dress with tights and booties and I can’t wait. Want to see a lookbook featuring this shirt? Give this post a like so I know I should make it. dsc_0871dsc_0873dsc_0876dsc_0880dsc_0888

… stay tuned for a part II coming very soon!

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