Be Joyous

Find joy.

Today and everyday I encourage you to find something that brings a smile to your face.

Even in the wake of a momentous election, that may or may not have turned out in your favor, I think it is so important to spread love and happiness. Actually, I think it’s especially vital to use kind words, have compassion and lift others up in these times of doubt.

Just the other day I braved the criticism and posted a brief opinion of my political stance on facebook. And wow, all I can say is, be careful out there, it’s pretty brutal, and even when you don’t intend to personally offend anyone… you will.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that I’m entirely blown away by the way people react to circumstances in which they are unhappy with the outcome. America, now more than ever, needs to realize that in order to sustain being the greatest country on earth, we need to be united. We cannot continue to hate our neighbors, kill the men and women in blue, burn American flags; which so many courageous people have died to protect. We cannot forget the truths that our great country was founded on, and spend our time caring about someone’s hurt feelings instead of the ludicrous-ness that an unborn baby isn’t considered human and has zero rights, making it OK to murder it.

I have faith that we, as US citizens, can turn our country around and remember that we are “One nation under God.”

I think that everyone has the right to state their opinion on any subject, but what I strongly dislike, is that people shove their beliefs down others’ throats when no one asked them what they thought. They belittle others’ just because they believe that they are right, and their “opponent” is wrong.

I encourage you to speak what’s on your mind, but I ask that you do it in a gracious way. Be kind to others, no matter what.

Today I found joy in the little things. In driving on a long, windy road very close to home, and driving up a mountain where I watched the sun set with my cousin, sister, and friend. I found joy in things that I normally wouldn’t glance twice at. And the whole day I was surrounded by people that warmed my heart and filled my cup.

Now that’s somethin’ to be grateful for.


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One thought on “Be Joyous

  1. Maddie – love the picture with the shadow in the puddle…..

    Ah, yes, the Facebook posts……what a great opportunity this campaign has provided to learn how to deal properly with those who disagree disagreeably! Those “disagreeables” are guilty of the very things that they so disagreeably accuse those who disagree with them!! LOL!


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