Dear readers, I write about my life, fashion, and product reviews. I hope you enjoy my style of writing. I’m always open to feedback, comments and suggestions. Thank you for reading my work💓
This is me, Madeline. I’m a young blogger with a big ambition…


7 thoughts on “about.

  1. Hi Madeline! Just found your blog. Within the last 2 years, 2 of my family members have named their babies Madeline. It is does not typically run in my family, though it is a beautiful and classic name. I love fashion, too so I’m looking forward to your posts! Just started following 🙂


    1. Oh wow, how ironic! Thank you for sharing, I love hearing about my readers lives. When I was younger, I would tell people to only call me Maddie since I thought Madeline was “too sophisticated”. Ha ha. But now I obviously have embraced my unique name! Thank you for connecting with me, and following, I hope I don’t disappoint

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