Through the Hills & Valleys

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

Psalm 27:14

In a time of questioning and anxiousness I heard this verse so clearly spoken into my life. Literally, I was driving back from a weekend at the coast with my family, listening to one of “The Messenger” podcasts when they reminded their listeners of this specific verse, Psalm 27:14. Apart from the message of the verse, this sentence struck me for many reasons.

All throughout my young life the sequence of numbers, 2714 has been recurring. First, because I have always taken a liking to the number 27 since that is the day of the month I was born, and I think I chose 14 to go along with it because 7 + 7 is 14. I know this is supposed to be a secret, but I’m being completely serious when I say my phone’s password has been those four numbers for three years.

All this to explain, I was thoroughly amazed when, in the silence of my heart, in a time of seeking and asking the Lord for answers, He spoke to me without question. That had never happened to me before in such a direct way.

And God knew just what I needed to hear, he knew exactly what would comfort me in that moment of sadness. Have patience, Maddie, take heart, for there are better things ahead.

When I needed God most, He was there, and he showed me that so graciously. But what we all have to remember is that he is always there, no matter our circumstance, no matter our mood. He is there through the hills and the valleys, through the storm and the calm, through the highs and the lows.

Our God is such a loving God, such a good God who seriously knows our hearts better than we know them ourselves because he knit us together and created our inner-most being. Do not lose heart, wherever you’re at, whatever you may be going through, because God does not leave you, does not stop holding your hand just when things get hard.

The Happiness Project no.2 // Health & Happiness Tips

Dear blogging friends,

Ever feel like some days aren’t as productive, fun, positive, nutritious or heart-warming as others? Well don’t worry, I know the feeling! And I am here to give you a few helpful tips on how to turn those gloomy days into ones that are sure to have you smiling from the inside out. The Happiness Project no. 2 presents….. Health & Happiness tips.

After writing my first post in The Happiness Project last week (read it here), I did a lot of praying, cleansing, thinking and trusting (all with a few tears involved). Now I can say that I have come to terms with the season my life is in, a season of silence. A season of seeking. And a season of trusting in God.

Although I have never struggled in the past with having moments of uncertainty, or days where my mind gets quickly exhausted, I am now learning to work through the season God has graciously gifted to me. I will admit, I have a lot on my plate; with a college math class, high school work, working on the weekends, and still trying to balance a social life and make time for myself and God. But, just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean I am supposed to give up or be discouraged. I believe I am exactly where God wants me right now, and I decided to accept the challenge of finding happiness in the season that I am in; that seems lonely and dark.

Please keep in mind, these tips are simple, everyday changes that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and make a world of difference! Also, I’m sorry for the multitude of  liquids that I’ve written about, but they truly have wonderful health benefits.

Tip #1

Start your day off with a glass of lemon infused ice water

It helps hydrate your body first thing in the morning, rejuvenates your digestive tract, cleanses your liver, promotes clearer and brighter skin due to the Vitamin C, and is great for natural weight loss. Plus, it tastes yummy!

Tip #2

Open your blinds and live in natural light

Natural daylight is proven to make you happier and more energized, not to mention it makes for great photo lighting.

Tip #3

Light a candle

Whenever I light a scented candle, especially aromatherapy candles, I am instantly revitalized by the smell they leave lingering, and my mood is affected.

Tip #4

Drink a smoothie

On this day, I blended up banana, tangerine, frozen strawberries, blueberries, kale, chia seeds, almond butter, natural protein powder and almond milk for a delicious breakfast. Smoothies (depending on their ingredients) are packed with wholesome ingredients that are meant to boost your digestion, metabolism and overall well-being and health. I love drinking them in the morning for the perfect jam-packed energy drink.

Tip #5

Be productive- clean your room

I always feel better about my day once I can do something productive that I can physically see. When my room is clean, my life seems more put-together!

Tip #6

Drink some green juice

Green juice is another great liquid that is filled with fortifying nutrients and vitamins that cleanse the body from the inside out. On this day I juiced carrots, celery, baby kale and regular kale, an apple, two tangerines, half of a lemon and a piece of ginger.

Tip #7

Get creative!

Who cares if your art isn’t good enough to go in a gallery, just paint, draw or doodle your heart out for your own enjoyment. It is a great stress reliever when you have an extra moment in your day. I am currently working on bible journaling, and this is my first watercolor page I experimented on. Not the best, but I like the authentic look it has.


Tip #8

Sip some tea

loovvveeee me some good tea, and on top of the yummy taste it also has many health benefits. On this day, I was sipping on classic green tea, which is great for clear skin, a healthy digestive tract and a sharp mind.


Tip #9

Take time to get ready in the morning

I love having plenty of time in the morning to get ready for the day. It makes me feel put-together and gives me a great foundation for the rest of my day. Take time for yourself, listen to good music, and find time to feel truly beautiful each day.

What was your favorite tip that I mentioned? And how are you liking The Happiness Project?

Thank you for reading, I appreciate all of the support always! I hope you have a great week, and stay positive.

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