His plan for me // 10.5.15

A day filled with emotion, but in the end, faith in His plan.//

School terrorism is NOT funny, ever. Not last week, and definitely not today. When will people turn from evil, and rest their eyes on the one who created everything good?

I can only hope and pray that that day will come soon; when people finally take off the blinders and see clearly that there is comfort in His words and promises.

God always has a plan, even though you may not be able to see it in the moment. And this is something I am trying to constantly remind myself of; because even things like not getting much playing time during a soccer game or not being on time to an event are apart of his plan. It’s learning to put your undivided faith in Him that makes life worth living, and it’s something we all could use some practice doing.    plaid4  plaid1 plaid2

Listen for His voice and you will hear it.

I love you all. Love Madeline. xoxo

p.s. – each morning I send out a bible verse that speaks to my heart, if you would like to receive my daily text messages, please contact me and I will gladly personally send them to you!

Dress- SheInside

Shirt- RVCA

Earrings- Urban Outfitters

Necklace- unknown

Boots- Dr. Martens

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Down-to-earth Saturday // 9.26.15

Earth tones. Growers Market. Coffee dates.

These are the days I love, the days I look forward to, the days that remind me of my beautiful life.

I was finally given a moment of silence, free from the commotion of non-stop soccer and constant school work. I was able to spend a day with a good friend of mine, sipping coffee that warmed our souls, eating hot donuts and speaking words that illuminated our hearts. There is nothing better than a day off, and this one called for dressing up…


My style is changing with the leaves this time of year. I find myself reaching for earth/neutral tones instead of patterns or bright colors. mad4

This skirt is equipped with large pockets and a belt, perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.


Shirt- Old Navy

Skirt- Old Navy

Shoes- vintage

Thank you for reading my thoughts today, you guys are lovely. What have you been up to? School, sports, work? Tell me about it!

Love all. Love Madeline. xoxo

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Prayers, answered. 

I recently went camping in Bend, Oregon. The scenery is killer, the people are outdoorsy and the style is envious. 

And let me tell ya, thrift stores in wealthy, sporty cities are treasure troves of beautiful clothing. A lot of beautiful clothing. 

So here’s a small story. For only a couple of weeks before the trip I had a  (very weird) yearning for a pair of hiking sandal (like Tevas or Chacos) since summer is quickly approaching. I even asked my mom if she ever spots any at second hand stores, and her reply was simple, “no, they are too valuable”. So, when we get to Bend I see nearly everyone sporting the sandals that I so desperately want. 

Now, as we’re on our way out of town, vintage travel trailer in tow, we happen to stop at a Goodwill superstore. And of you’ve ever been to one of those on a lucky day, ahhh you know it’s like you’ve entered heaven. Low and behold my sister finds me a pair of Chaco’s that look barely worn! And they’re my size! It would be easy to say that was the highlight of my trip, but we also went to beautiful places like the Painted Hills, so really the whole voyage was a blessing!

I also managed to find a little boy’s tshirt. Because what teenage girl doesn’t want to look just like a 12 year old boy? 

But seriously, I see quite a lot of potential for this small shirt. I’m hoping to cut of the arms and pray I still look like a girl. hah

I picked up this simple nike workout top that looks brand new. And this pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans; something I’ve been wanting for forever (although they are missing a button). 

This American Eagle peplum loose shirt isn’t too shabby either. 

Aside from the Chacos, I found yet another amazing item. 

Yes, I found a new Free People dress. It’s bohemian and flowy and lacy. It’s beautiful. However, I won’t be keeping it, but rather selling it because it doesn’t fit me the way I’d like and someone else would like it much more than me. If you’re interested in buying this cute number from me, here’s a link to my Vinted site where you can view it and a handful of other adorable  things. 


Here are a few photos that perfectly captured the beauty of central Oregon…

I hope you enjoyed my small rant filled with excitement and entirely amazing scenery. Thank you for the constant support and endless love. love you all.

Have you been on any adventures lately? Have you found any clothing treasure? Tell me about it

p.s. I’m currently in the process of editing my beauty video or the Pacifica muse contest. Stay tuned to be the one of the first I see it!

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Style inspiration: Aimee Song

Aimee Song has a fearless style that stands out in every atmosphere. 

I’m drawn to her unique combinations and clothing pieces. Her photos on Instagram catch my eye because of their vibrant colors and beautiful backdrops. You can tell she is in touch with style trends as she poses with her adorable hairstyle and cat eye glasses while positioning herself as a piece of artwork on a canvas. 

Aimee sports both high fashion clothes and laid back, boho wear; something that I strive to embody. 

She is my current inspiration and I hope you like her as much as I have grown to. Who’s your style icon of the moment? 

I hope all of you wonderful moody readers enjoyed this inspiration on this fine Sunday morning. What’s been going on in your life? I want to know! 

Love all. Love madeline. Xoxo

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Springtime treasures.

During my short and vivid escape to the great city of Portland, I did my fair share of shopping.

Here are the few, but worth-while items I chose from some of my favorite stores: Powell’s Book Store, Forever 21, The Body Shop and H&M.


I have recently fallen in love with the Tea Tree facial wash and toner, definitely a must if you have oily/combination skin or frequent breakouts.

DSCN1109 DSCN1110  shirt

I hope you all enjoyed my small treasures, thank you for reading! Love all. Love Madeline.

Have you guys been shopping lately? What have been your favorites in you skincare routine, wardrobe or even literature?

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Style Inspiration: Nina Cloquell

Oh my goodness. Nina Urgell Cloquell is my current style idol.

She is a stylist who goes from San Diego to Barcelona. And wow, let me just say, I absolutely love love love her style. It’s elegant, yet casual, perfect for warm weather and any occasion. Her darker complexion makes the lighter pieces pop.

I hope one day my style will be as flawless and sophisticated as Nina’s.

Let’s dive in…

The length of this skirt is class, it goes perfectly with the heels and oversized basic t shirt.

The detail and for of this skirt is amazing.

All black everythinggg.

Her simplicity is beautiful.

The platform shoes make her looks casual, yet dressed up.

One of my favorite outfits of her’s❤️

I hope you all enjoyed her style lookbook as much as I enjoy seeing her photos while I scroll through my feed. Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing! I love you guys, keep it up!

Love Madeline.

I’m constantly on Instagram, as stated in previous posts, so you can follow my day to day life on there: https://instagram.com/moody.madeline/

Vintage love.

Vintage is delightful, plain and simple.

The treasures that came be found at second hand stores are truly unreal. Of course, you won’t always have the best luck, but when you do it can be a, “thank you Jesus!” moment.

For example, this dress. I couldn’t tell you the exact era it’s from, but darn is it a gem. The pattern is different than any I’ve seen, and the style is complimenting and classy on many figures.

DSC_0754 DSC_0756

This is the perfect boho summer dress. Everything about it screams fresh and laid-back. The intricate patterns draw my eye in, while the fit is loose and comfortable.


Here is a gorgeous fancy white lace dress. If it were a bit longer, I’d call it a wedding dress. Those sleeves are to die for.

DSC_0827 DSC_0828 DSC_0844

One of my all time favorites; these rockin’ printed ’80’s pants. Holy cow, how much more amazing can they get?

DSC_0865 DSC_0869

As we all know very well,  the ’70’s are back and better than ever. These huge bell-bottom jeans are the center of attention in any look.


Here is an adorable crocheted, summer blouse. Perfect for relaxing by the pool or dancing to a band at Coachella.


Another Coachella must; this fringe vest is in a category all it’s own. Love love love.

DSC_0917 DSC_0933

Thank you to my mom, Michelle, for letting me feature only a small portion of her incredible vintage gems. Aren’t they beautiful? I want to know what you guys think! What is your fav?

Here’s her shop if you want to take a look (ps. these items will be up shortly): https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageUrbanRenewal

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Love all. Love Madeline.