Style inspiration: Aimee Song

Aimee Song has a fearless style that stands out in every atmosphere. 

I’m drawn to her unique combinations and clothing pieces. Her photos on Instagram catch my eye because of their vibrant colors and beautiful backdrops. You can tell she is in touch with style trends as she poses with her adorable hairstyle and cat eye glasses while positioning herself as a piece of artwork on a canvas. 

Aimee sports both high fashion clothes and laid back, boho wear; something that I strive to embody. 

She is my current inspiration and I hope you like her as much as I have grown to. Who’s your style icon of the moment? 

I hope all of you wonderful moody readers enjoyed this inspiration on this fine Sunday morning. What’s been going on in your life? I want to know! 

Love all. Love madeline. Xoxo

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Live love northwest. 

A few days ago, on a mysteriously foggy morning near the base of mount Ashland, my sister and I hiked a steep, jagged rock. 

The trail was really something to behold and near the top was even prettier. Although my sister came home with a small cut and bruise, there was no harm, no fowl. 

To get to the very top of the giant rock, you have to summit a small, nearly vertical portion. The view is supposed to be an amazing 360 degree lookout at the top and the climb can be achieved without any equipment. However, my sister an I didn’t end up summiting it that day, we are already planning a trip to go back. 

Who else loves to hike the beautiful outdoors? There is truly something pure about how in-touch you feel with your surroundings. The atmosphere God created for creatures of all shapes and sizes is many times breathtaking; it amazes me to think that I am deserving of his love and beauty. 

Springtime treasures.

During my short and vivid escape to the great city of Portland, I did my fair share of shopping.

Here are the few, but worth-while items I chose from some of my favorite stores: Powell’s Book Store, Forever 21, The Body Shop and H&M.


I have recently fallen in love with the Tea Tree facial wash and toner, definitely a must if you have oily/combination skin or frequent breakouts.

DSCN1109 DSCN1110  shirt

I hope you all enjoyed my small treasures, thank you for reading! Love all. Love Madeline.

Have you guys been shopping lately? What have been your favorites in you skincare routine, wardrobe or even literature?

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PDX finds.

Hey guys, on Saturday I got back from a school trip to the hustling city of Portland, Oregon. And let me just tell you, it was a blast! Both of my teachers who chaperoned the outing are easily the coolest people around.

In the two four hour car rides we sung many country/christian songs, read from the bible, laughed and saw beautiful scenery. The trip was amazing and filled with great shopping, eating and friends. I loved it and cannot wait to do it again.

Here was a rad macrame display I spotted at Urban Outfitters on 23rd street.

A colorfully abstract glass wall at the Portland Museum of Art.

An enchanting flower bush at the Rose Garden feat. my pretty friend Raina.

Oh my, we are so funny.

Just a peachy picture of one of my favorite paintings. Reminded me on the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Some of my favorite of the modern art.

I hope you all enjoyed the beauty of the city as much as I did. Who has been to Portland, Oregon before? and how did you like it?

Thanks for reading, lovely ladies. Love, Madeline.

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Style Inspiration: Nina Cloquell

Oh my goodness. Nina Urgell Cloquell is my current style idol.

She is a stylist who goes from San Diego to Barcelona. And wow, let me just say, I absolutely love love love her style. It’s elegant, yet casual, perfect for warm weather and any occasion. Her darker complexion makes the lighter pieces pop.

I hope one day my style will be as flawless and sophisticated as Nina’s.

Let’s dive in…

The length of this skirt is class, it goes perfectly with the heels and oversized basic t shirt.

The detail and for of this skirt is amazing.

All black everythinggg.

Her simplicity is beautiful.

The platform shoes make her looks casual, yet dressed up.

One of my favorite outfits of her’s❤️

I hope you all enjoyed her style lookbook as much as I enjoy seeing her photos while I scroll through my feed. Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing! I love you guys, keep it up!

Love Madeline.

I’m constantly on Instagram, as stated in previous posts, so you can follow my day to day life on there:

God is Love.

Simple in the most complex way. “God is Love”. He is the creator of all things life and he never stops spreading glorious love.

From the green (which I was recently told is the color of Hope) grass beneath our feet, to the whispy, white clouds in the sky, to the radiant smile that alights one’s face; God is behind it all.

And today, on Easter Sunday, He is risen. He defeated the grave, giving all earthly souls hope in times of hurt.

Happy Easter! Thank you all for being so supportive and loving to my blog. I love you all. Love Madeline.

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Donate clothing and Alight humanity.

A clothing donation organization called Alight recently reached out to me.

Alight helps struggling families  keep warm during the winter and clothed during all months of the year. You can lend a hand today by simply donating used garments to the facilities listed below.

I know I’m not the only one with heaps of clothes lying around that don’t get worn…. so let’s join together and alight humanity by giving our used clothing to people in need. Please accompany me in donating to this wonderful cause by following these easy steps…

Courtesy of: Alight
Thank you for reading, I hope you are moved by the message Alight needs help to send!
Love all. Love Madeline.
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Birthday wishes. 

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to address the fact of my recent absence. I don’t mean to make excuses, but lately I have been slammed with school work, especially since my college finals are this week. Wish me luck! Therefore, I ask for your forgiveness and patience while I get my life in order. Thank you for sticking with me these last few weeks, and I promise you will not be disappointed when I have time to write my heart out over spring break.

Secondly, I want to wish you all a very Happy Spring!

That being said, I am beyond ecstatic for the month of March to be upon us. Why, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason that my birthday lands on March 27th and it’s during Spring break and my best friend will be visiting me from Panama. I mean, what more can a girl ask for? I cannot wait. But until then, I still have to suffer through the last grueling week of Geology and Spanish.

In honor of my birthday being in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to share several things that have a home on this year’s wishlist… hint hint….

1. This rad new independent clothing brand I happened across is called Live Outside the Camp, or OTC. I’m in love with their pacific northwest clothing line and outdoors vibes. I’ve had my eyes on this specific print for a while now and I want it in my life.

2. As always Pacifica managed to draw me in with their new products and artsy look. I will never turn down some natural beauty products for my birthday.

3. To be honest, I don’t know anything about this book. I am not ashamed for being the person who judges books by their covers, and even furthermore, by their great titles. So call me superstitious, but I just have a feeling this will be a good read.

4. The hippie inside of me has been begging to try out this natural skincare line.

5. You can never go wrong with wishing for the greatest skin and body care brand ever created, Lush.

6. I seem to really enjoy many natural products, are you surprised?

Doterra is a company that has been continually calling out my name, and soon I will hopefully have the precious essential oils in my hot little hands. Along with a much-anticipated review!

7. Humm…hmm…yumm… That’s right, Humm kombucha. Made locally in the glorious kitchens in Bend, Oregon. Can’t wait to drink this delicious beverage!

8. Of course I had to mention some sort of car related item. Because, yes, I will be getting my permit finally. I thought this lava stone and diamond glass keychain from lava essentials would be perfectly fitting. Beautiful, and multifunctional in the sense that the lava stone also absorbs essential oils that keep your life fragrant.

9. Several pieces of jewelry from the same lava essentials, also able to store essential oils while around your neck. Plus, they look adorable!


10. And last but not least, I’m wishing for a giant array of birthday balloons (minus the cheap writing). Because, who are we kidding, what person doesn’t feel the most special when they get to hold balloons on their birthday? 

Now let’s just take a moment to admire just how happy these people are.. 

And how happy Riko will be.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my birthday wishes for this year, in no way do I need all of these nice things, I just thought it would be fun to share my desires with you.

Thanks for reading as always, I love you all! Love all. Love Madeline.

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Small person, adorable style.

As I was roaming the halls of my small school (grades K-12th), a first grader bolted out in front of me from a neighboring classroom door. She was dressed in the most adorable girly outfit I think I’ve ever seen.

Her grayish slivery sequined skirt was the main piece that first drew my eyes in. Paired with that was a barbie doll pink cable knit sweater. Layered underneath was a polka dotted denim button down shirt with the collar slightly peaking out of the neckline. And the best touch that was perfectly suited for her small, yet eccentric,  little spirit were the matching hot pink tights, sneakers and headband.

I am in love with everything about this look and her undeniable amount of cuteness.

With high hopes, I asked if she had put together the outfit by herself, without help, but she explained that her mom chose it for her. Nevertheless, it’s still ridiculously cute, preppy and on trend, so props, mom!

DSCN0700DSCN0702 DSCN0697

I hope you all enjoyed my “inspiration” for the day. What inspires you?

Love all. Love Madeline. xoxo

My Inspiration: 2/11/15

Each day I encounter various things (or people) that influence my inspiration. I consider myself a relatively creative soul, constantly searching for new and intriguing ideas and items. I’m one to enjoy intricate details and unusual or vibrant colors.

Like I mentioned in my last Instagram post, if there’s such a thing as someone who hops on many bandwagons, while entirely doing their own thing (or putting their own twist on the fad), I would most definitely, without a doubt, fall into that category.

Here are a few photos that recently caught my eye for various reasons… We’ll call it my weekly inspiration “board”.



Of course I had to feature the most inspiring Jules with her cute selfies.

And I added a new favorite lady of mine, miss Olivia who possesses a multitude of natural beauty and a breathtaking smile.


These lovely and adorable products have been calling my name for a couple of weeks now… The packaging is perfect.


Probably the most exciting inspiration for the week is the desire I have for an old, rugged jeep Cherokee. I want more than anything to buy one with my own money that I’ve saved up. It’s quite wonderful motivation for me to keep making money and I’ve always been a person who likes to see a goal at the end of the tunnel. This car is that for me, and I can’t wait until I get to drive my very own down the road and up a beautiful mountain.



I’m in awe of these precious mugs made with love. Such superb messages and place to sip tea from.


I’m never let down by the amazing Kala Noel, an old employee of my mom and a God gifted artist.

You can never forget a throwback of Angelina being a sassy flower child.

Preachers’ Daughters and Koby Koloff have my heart.


Lady Cascades never goes wrong with her soulful photographs of pure life and beauty.


My favorite song of the moment (LOVE it)

Betty’s A Bombshell- Grouplove

And last but not least, my favorite bible verse of the moment…

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. – Colossians 3:15

Hope you all took joy in my inspiration for the week. What have you been inspired by lately?
Love all. Love Madeline. Xoxo

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