November Favorites // 12.3.15

We have zipped through yet another month in the year of 2015, what?!? 

Who else is in complete awe of it already being December?

For the sole reason that I adore watching my favorite Youtuber’s monthly favorites videos, I decided to create my own compilation with the hope that it is mildly helpful for at least one of my readers out in the world of cyber space.

Before I delve in, I wish to make the point of saying that if you’ve been enjoying any wonderful products during the month of November, I would love to hear about them. I am always looking for new products to try out!

Now for the fun part… 

Beauty favorites

I have recently been loving a few products from one of the best natural brands: Pacifica. The first product is their limited edition eye shadow palette (that I don’t know the name of), which includes a variety of matte and shimmery shades. For the past few weeks I have been using the peachy metalic color all over my lids, then applying NYC’s smooth skin bronzing in “Sunny” into my crease as a transition color. To finish off the look I like to lightly smudge the Pacifica deep matte burgundy color into my lower lash line in order to make my brown eyes pop. I apply mascara, and boom! my simple makeup look is complete.

I have been religiously using a mix of the Solar Protection SPF foundation and Pacifica Alight multi-mineral BB cream as my foundation base, applying it with my recently purchased Real Techniques miracle complextion sponge for a flawless, full-coverage finish. Because I struggle with blemished skin, I prefer to use a majority of products that are on the more natural side in order to not irritate my sensitive skin. And never have I tried out a Beauty Blender sponge previously (simply because of the investment); however, for a quarter of the cost I was able to purchase the Real Techniques dupe, if you will, which I have been very impressed with.

  One brand that I have currently been loving, and is prominent in my skincare routine, is Michael Todd. Their charcoal detox deep pore cleanser, jojoba charcoal facial exfoliator, kaolin clay mask and antioxidant carrot multi-vitamin serum are all incorporated into my daily skincare routine. I cannot rave about this great, all-natural company enough; they make wonderful, healthful products for my delicate skin.


Fashion favorites

This November has been one of the coldest months in Oregon I can ever recall. At times, I find it difficult to dress in a cute fashion when the weather is so extreme, because it’s quite tempting to wear sweats every day, or even a fuzzy blanket out of the house. However, I have managed to find a middle ground where I can sport outfits that are both warm and fashionable. For example, I have been constantly wearing turtle necks and mock neck sweaters that range from fuzzy, wooly, chunky and soft. I am currently obsessed!

I have been layering many staple pieces in my closet, like this warm, gray coat over a variety of long sleeves or t-shirts. 

One of my other favorite new clothing treasures is this vintage denim midi skirt, detailed with funky fabric. I have no other skirt in this style, and I believe it adds a nice and interesting element to my wardrobe.  Random favorites 


Of course I have to include a few of my absolute favorite and replayed songs for this month. Lauren Daigle never fails to knock my socks off with her soulful and meaningful christian gospel music, but my all-time favorite song of her’s is Trust in You because of just how true it is.

Another artist, although his songs are in no way “current”, never disappoints with his unique sound. Alt-j is one of my favorite artists ever, and I’ve just begun delving into his full album of Tesselate which never fails to put me in a better mood. Matilda is one to applaud.  


And for my last music favorite, I have been playing Adele’s album, 19, nonstop whenever I’m getting ready in the morning or riding along in the car. Although I can appreciate a couple of the songs off of her newest album, Adele 25, I am not the biggest fan of the more modern sound she has now personified. My number one favorite from the UK star will never stray from Daydreamer; so good! 



Kathleen Lights is my number one YouTube guru hands down. I admire her genuine and goofy personality that couples with her knowledge of makeup and beauty. If you haven’t watched her yet, and need something to binge watch over Christmas break, go check her out!

Bible verses…

“Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold firmly to the word of life. And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain.” Philippians 2:14-16 💛

I love this verse, and the message it portrays; definitely one to live by daily. 


My main source of liquids have been a great amount of water and many cups of tea! Two of my favorite tea flavors this month have been Trader Joes’ candy cane tea and Celestial seasons Vanilla Sleepytime. If you’re a tea lover, you’ll be sure to develop an obsession just like I have! 

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Thanks for all the love and support💛💛love all. love Madeline

AnnMarie Skin Care Product Review.


i’ve teamed up with yet another small skincare company to bring you a fabulous and fresh review on natural and organic beauty products that are sure to ensue many compliments on your radiant complexion. as I have mentioned many times before, I am just about the biggest sucker for chemical-free, good-to-your-body products made from undiscovered indie brands. I was recently able to try out the AnnMarie Skincare line; I was given both sample kits of The GetAway and Purify. Acne Prone Skin. I want to start off by saying just how sweet and caring the associates are who work there, they covered all of my needs and helped direct me to my best bets. they sell a very wide variety of items, whether it be from facial serums to body body lotions, they aren’t missing a thing. their packaging is simple and effective; I like how each sample container can be cleaned out and used again (recycling is a plus), they are equipped with easy-to-read labels, and the mesh baggies that encase each kit give their products a professional look.

every sample kit that AnnMarie offers comes with a ready-to-use $10 off coupon for any full-sized item that you liked from the small amount you were able to try out or any other item on their website. sounds like a pretty great deal to me!


since I received a multitude of small samples I feel I would bore you if I reviewed each item, instead, I will quickly skim over several that stood out to me in order for you to get a good idea of how they work and what I like about them.

The GetAway


what’s inside: 

Aloe Herb Cleanser

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

Purifying Mud Mask

Dead Sea Facial Scrub

Neroli Toning Mist

Coconut Body Oil

Repair Serum

Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin

is it just me, or is that a lot of sample product? awesome, right? onto the review…

Purifying Mud Mask-


I was pleasantly surprised when I put this luxuriously smooth red mud onto my sensitive face. I expected some irritation or dryness (since it is still cold where I live), but my skin took to it well and felt a good deal softer after I rinsed it off. I enjoy the powder form of this face mask, simply because it allows everyone to create their own consistency rather than receiving one that’s already made and is either too runny or overly thick.

even though it’s a sample size I was able to get an entire three uses out of the product. overall, I really liked how the mud mask worked, I did’t care for the smell all that much, but with natural ingredients there’s really no way around that.

Dead Sea Facial Scrub-


one of my favorites; I’m always on the search for the perfect exfoliator that isn’t too harsh on my delicate skin. the salt crystals still cleaned deep into my pores, yet they weren’t abrasive to the point of irritation. it smells of a faint lavender, which I love. the product left my skin without residue, feeling soft and clean.

Neroli Toning Mist-

I’d have to say this product takes the prize in my book. I absolutely adore everything about it; the best quality is by far it’s scent of freshly cut plumeria and subtle hints of rose. it sprayed on effortlessly and gave my face a nice, refreshing feel while locking in the moisture and keeping my face clean. such a simple product, but something I definitely want to repurchase in the full-size.

Purify. Acne Prone Skin


what’s inside:

Citrus Mint Cleanser

Purifying Mud Mask

Herbal Facial Oil

onto the review…

Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser-

although not many cleansers impress me, I was elated to find how much I liked this one. the citrus and mint come together perfectly and create a very pleasant aroma. when you massage it into your skin, you’ll notice that it foams up nicely (something I look for in my cleansers) and gives your face a cool feel because of it’s minty freshness. it left behind no makeup or icky residue that some washes do. this is another product that I would have no problem recommending for purchasing in the full size.

all in all, I’m happy with the various products I was able to experiment with. I believe AnnMarie Skincare is doing wonderful things and I love their philosophy. I hope you enjoyed and think of giving them a try next time you’re in need of new skincare essentials.

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I was sponsored to make this post, but all opinions are my own like always.

BoxyCharm beauty subscription review.

I recently received a very exciting package in the mail. to be more specific I was sent the December BoxyCharm beauty box filled with an abundance of beautiful products.
if you have never heard of this company, it’s basically a subscription box, in which you pay a flat rate of $21 per month. the variety of beauty goodies are then shipped straight to your door, ready for you to experiment with. each month you receive different products such as, hair care or makeup, both from popular companies and independent stores.


as I lifted the cover of the simple white packaging my eye was first drawn to two note cards, one with that month’s name and description, and the other explaining what products were inside along with their individual retail prices (which tell you the actual value of the products). the cards were printed with colors that suited the season well, pretty fonts and details about their company. this touch made me feel like the not-so-well known subscription box was nicely put together and professional.


many times, larger objects stick out like a sore thumb. therefore, the next item that jumped out at me was the Coastal Scents REVEALED palette that is equipped with 20 (yes, 20!) eyeshadow colors. I was surprised to see such a well-known makeup brand with a large variety of good colors in the monthly box.
I like what the packaging looked like, not too over-the-top. it did a wonderful job of showing off the color selection that was stored neatly inside. it immediately reminded me of the Naked 2 palette, both matte and shimmery shades, warm tones, and most of all, the shape and layout of the potted shadows were almost exact.
when I began using the colors on my sister’s eyelids, I faced the problem of quite a lot of fallout landing below her bottom lashes, causing it to resemble a black eye. I attribute this inconvenience to the brush I was using, because once I began using my finger as the applicator I quickly saw better results. the colors had good pigmentation, however, I prefer even more vibrance. the only downside is that it is nearly $40; I would pay $30 or opt for an Urban Decay palette which provides better quality. but all in all I was impressed since it came in a subscription box that only costs $21 a month (which means with the eyeshadow alone, your total cost was already half of only one product).

on the left I’m showing the color I like to use to fill in my brows, the matte shade. on the right I splotched four colors to show the pigmentation.

here, I did a dark, sultry look on my sister using a warm brown matte as the base, a shimmery shadow in the center of the lids and a dark brown in the crease. I accented the eyes with a pearly white in the inter corners and below the brow.



the full face picture leads into the next product perfectly; the Be a Bombshell lipgloss in the color “Hot Mess”. i paired the eye look with the bright red gloss because I felt they complimented each other nicely.
“Hot Mess” applied vibrantly and smoothly to the lips. it only required one coat for them to transform from natural to “BAM”, a great pop of color. I like the formula and sleek packaging, I would definitely repurchase this item.

and here’s a close up of the fiery red.

the only hair care product included in the month of December was the eva•nyc miniature hairspray. I didn’t particularly like it only because it made my hair crunchy instead of flexible. I don’t like when my hair is hard, I rather like when it’s touchable and soft while still does a good job of holding it in place. but if you aren’t picky, it’s a trusted product with cute, girly exterior in a travel sized container.

I was excited to see a glamorous pair of mink lashes tucked in my box. they were the Lina Lashes brand made with 100% Siberian mink. they are cruelty free which is always a plus. the packaging is daunting and elegant, and the lashes look luxurious. unfortunately, I haven’t worn them yet because I am waiting for a special event to sport them at. my only suggestion is that if you end up buying these lashes, they don’t come with adhesive so make sure you have some already.

and last but not least is the Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush. Wow, what a mouthful. it’s a compact travel brush that comes with a cap, a perfect essential to throw in your purse. I used it once for my setting powder and another time for bronzer, both times I really enjoyed the results. the bristles are very soft and comforting on the skin and pick up a good amount of product.



overall, I thoroughly adored the BoxyCharm box that was given to me. I think it is absolutely worth the monthly payment and can be used as a tool to find new, great products from many types of brands.

if you’re interested in purchasing the BoxyCharm monthly subscription boxes, or just want to try it out for one month here’s were you can find it:

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hope you all enjoyed. love all. love Madeline. xoxo

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