Insta Natural Scar Gel Review.

Today I come to you with yet another skincare review from Insta Natural. To be more specific, I was thoughtfully sent their advanced repair scar gel.

Sadly I have not been able to get the full results from this product since I have only been applying it for a short time.

However, I admire the fact that the gel does not have a scent, it is easily applicable, equipped with a pump, and full of natural ingredients. Even though I haven’t seen any results yet, I have high hopes for the future and the potential repairs it can do for my skin.

I just want to sent a big thanks to Insta Natural for supplying me with interesting and helathful skincare products! I hope you all enjoyed my short review. Love all. Love Madeline.

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Donate clothing and Alight humanity.

A clothing donation organization called Alight recently reached out to me.

Alight helps struggling families  keep warm during the winter and clothed during all months of the year. You can lend a hand today by simply donating used garments to the facilities listed below.

I know I’m not the only one with heaps of clothes lying around that don’t get worn…. so let’s join together and alight humanity by giving our used clothing to people in need. Please accompany me in donating to this wonderful cause by following these easy steps…

Courtesy of: Alight
Thank you for reading, I hope you are moved by the message Alight needs help to send!
Love all. Love Madeline.
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Birthday wishes. 

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to address the fact of my recent absence. I don’t mean to make excuses, but lately I have been slammed with school work, especially since my college finals are this week. Wish me luck! Therefore, I ask for your forgiveness and patience while I get my life in order. Thank you for sticking with me these last few weeks, and I promise you will not be disappointed when I have time to write my heart out over spring break.

Secondly, I want to wish you all a very Happy Spring!

That being said, I am beyond ecstatic for the month of March to be upon us. Why, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason that my birthday lands on March 27th and it’s during Spring break and my best friend will be visiting me from Panama. I mean, what more can a girl ask for? I cannot wait. But until then, I still have to suffer through the last grueling week of Geology and Spanish.

In honor of my birthday being in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to share several things that have a home on this year’s wishlist… hint hint….

1. This rad new independent clothing brand I happened across is called Live Outside the Camp, or OTC. I’m in love with their pacific northwest clothing line and outdoors vibes. I’ve had my eyes on this specific print for a while now and I want it in my life.

2. As always Pacifica managed to draw me in with their new products and artsy look. I will never turn down some natural beauty products for my birthday.

3. To be honest, I don’t know anything about this book. I am not ashamed for being the person who judges books by their covers, and even furthermore, by their great titles. So call me superstitious, but I just have a feeling this will be a good read.

4. The hippie inside of me has been begging to try out this natural skincare line.

5. You can never go wrong with wishing for the greatest skin and body care brand ever created, Lush.

6. I seem to really enjoy many natural products, are you surprised?

Doterra is a company that has been continually calling out my name, and soon I will hopefully have the precious essential oils in my hot little hands. Along with a much-anticipated review!

7. Humm…hmm…yumm… That’s right, Humm kombucha. Made locally in the glorious kitchens in Bend, Oregon. Can’t wait to drink this delicious beverage!

8. Of course I had to mention some sort of car related item. Because, yes, I will be getting my permit finally. I thought this lava stone and diamond glass keychain from lava essentials would be perfectly fitting. Beautiful, and multifunctional in the sense that the lava stone also absorbs essential oils that keep your life fragrant.

9. Several pieces of jewelry from the same lava essentials, also able to store essential oils while around your neck. Plus, they look adorable!


10. And last but not least, I’m wishing for a giant array of birthday balloons (minus the cheap writing). Because, who are we kidding, what person doesn’t feel the most special when they get to hold balloons on their birthday? 

Now let’s just take a moment to admire just how happy these people are.. 

And how happy Riko will be.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my birthday wishes for this year, in no way do I need all of these nice things, I just thought it would be fun to share my desires with you.

Thanks for reading as always, I love you all! Love all. Love Madeline.

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Pacifica coconut wipe and BB cream review.

Today I’m back with my second Pacifica beauty review. This all-natural and organic company never fails to impress me with their beautifully packaged, trusty, yet reasonably priced products. To be quite honest, I find myself reaching for at least one of Pacifica’s products each morning as I get ready for the day. I am ecstatic and grateful that I was introduced to the wonderful brand since I completely stand behind their philosophy and ingredients. What more can a girl ask for?

I was sent both the Alight Multi-mineral BB cream and Coconut water facial towelettes, therefore, that will be what I’m reviewing.

We shall begin…

Alight Multi-mineral BB Cream

I have been skeptical of BB creams in the past since I prefer to use full coverage foundations in my average everyday makeup routine. However, I decided to give the light formula a try, not to mention, the benefits are greater than normal foundation. The cream is made from floral stems. Therefore, it’s made from flowers and that alone makes me want to put it all over my face. It claims to be a skin tint, illuminating primer, perfecting finish, age-defying skincare, and shade-matching formula. They say the product works on all skin types and shades.

I liked the way the product applied; light and smooth on the skin. One of it’s best qualities was the noticeable reduction of the appearance of my larger pores. The first time I applied it, I was unhappy with the amount of coverage that it gave me, so I decided to layer my powder foundation over the top. Throughout the day I thought it held up relatively well, save for the excess oil that was created in my T-zone. After using it a few more times, I conclude that it gives the least amount of coverage a base product can give.

However, I now take advantage of it’s other star qualities, such as an illuminating primer and pore eraser. Overall, I think the product has good elements, but I would not recommend it for people looking for high coverage or who have oily skin.

Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

The facial towelettes claim to be natural, biodegradable, sulfate free, paraben free and 100% vegan. The key ingredients are coconut water, papaya, aloe vera and calendula.

With such a multitude of outstanding claims, I had very high expectations for these wipes before trying them on my face. I’m always looking to find a great makeup remover so I don’t have to struggle with streaky eyeliner and mascara.

I was extremely pleased when I swiped the towelette over my full face of makeup; it was plain to see the obvious amount of residue that it removed. It felt soft and delicate on my sensitive skin, and easily made my heavy face and eye makeup disappear. Plus, the smell of faint coconuts and tropical fruit was prominent in the product, one of my favorite qualities.

All in all, I really liked the coconut water wipes, and the BB cream has some unique elements. I will always recommend Pacifica as a trusty brand that’s healthy for the body and skin and I love having the privilege to review such wonderful products.

If you’re interested in purchasing from Pacifica:

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This post is sponsored, but all opinion are my own like always.

Food for thought.

Hello my wonderful, favorite readers of mine.

Today I just wanted to sit down, take a breath, and have a heart to heart with all of you about where my mind has been lately.

So busy. Man, I have been so beyond busy you would not believe it.

Here’s a breakdown of my current weekly schedule

Monday & Wednesday- 6 hours of high school classes + 3 hours of college geology

Tuesday- 6 hours of high school classes

Thursday- 6 hours of high school classes + 4 hours of work

Friday- 4 1/2 hours of work

School. School has taken up most of my free time this trimester. I love Spanish to death, but there’s no denying it’s increasing difficulty. On the other hand, I have strongly disliked my Geology class from the first time I sat through the painstakingly long three hour lecture. Both classes have provided me a multitude of assignments on top of my mandatory high school work.

However, I don’t want to be misunderstood, I am very grateful for my privileged education and head start on my associates degree. It can just be overwhelming at times.

Selling my used clothes on Vinted is another thing that has been keeping me occupied recently. If you’ve never heard of the newish app, it’s where anyone who has a phone and a camera can upload women’s clothing, shoes or accessories and make money from home! I’ve been obsessed with all that it has to offer and how easy it is to sell and buy. I’ve already sold two items and it hasn’t even been a week since making my account. whoo hoo…. but I’ve also bought two items also…. we’ll just call it a win win.

In no way am I sponsored by Vinted, I just truly love the site and community and wanted to share it with you. It’s great for me since I’m trying to save up money for a few trips I want to take and my first car. If you’re interested in shopping my closet perhaps, you can do it here:

And last but not least, I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking. Mostly about God.
Growing up in a Christian home, I was educated on the “rapture”, or end of life as we know it, at a very young age. And I would assume it’s normal for any 8 year old to have fear of the unknown future, but I remember a time when that’s all I could think about for days at a time and it would cause worry in my small heart. When I was around 11 I read the book, “Heaven is for real” in which the young boy described God telling him that his father would take part in the war against evil during his lifetime. That left me somewhat terrified that the life I led could be disrupted so soon.

Of course no one except God knows exactly when the end times will be, so it was quite a waste of worrying when I was younger. But anyone could see it’s a lot of stress to put on a small person without a fully developed brain.

But it’s more than obvious that the society we live in is beyond the point of corruption, many people have turned away from God and forgotten all morals. And the signs that have been prominent in today’s world seem to point to one thing. The rapture. All I can pray for is that myself and everyone I love and care about will be spiritually prepared if judgement day decided to appear tomorrow.

Have you ever looked at another person, and all the wrong that they commit, and think to yourself, I’m such a good Christian since I don’t succumb to the bad things they do?

I’ve caught myself doing this before, but who am I to judge a child of God? I am in no way better or higher than them.

I believe that every individual is faced with their own obstacles in life. And even though mine may not be drugs or alcohol (things that tempt many teens), I can still work on many things to improve myself. For example, I ask God to help me have more patience and less anger in every aspect of my life since those are things I struggle with. Because, by measuring my strength in the Lord by comparing myself  to others’, I am not being a good Christian example to the people around me.

My biggest prayer for this year, and all years ahead of me, is when people look at me or talk with me, they walk away saying “wow, I can see the spirit of God in that girl.”

Thank you for listening to me rant about my random thoughts, I’m so grateful I am able to freely write about anything I desire on wordpress and express myself to my readers. What have been your thoughts lately? Anything new with you? What are your thoughts on the rapture? I want to chat with you all!!

Love all. Love Madeline. and God bless.

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Insta Natural’s Dead Sea Mud Mask Review.

I have been a face mask fanatic for weeks now. I love trying new ones in hopes of discovering one that nurtures my skin like no other.

I was sent the dead sea mud mask by Insta Natural.

I was able to use it multiple times on my face and my sister’s. I found that while the mask sat on my face for the directed time, it became almost unbearably itchy. I have felt this with other masks before, but I don’t know the exact reason for it.

I wasn’t too impressed once I removed the mask; I saw no major difference in my skin, but what I did notice was the drying properties it possesses. My skin felt tight and moisture-lacking after only one use. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has normal to dry skin; only oily or acne prone. It also claims to result in radiant and refined skin, none of which I experienced.

I like that the product is all natural; hence the name. But other than that, I wasn’t too please, perhaps I will try it again during summer when my skin is less dry.

Sunshine + Spring Vibes.

The sunshine was lovely today.

Not everything about this day was great, but the sun put a smile on my face.

I decided to welcome the approaching return of spring with a floral dress and my statement Docs. And I felt confident in what I was wearing today, not one time did I regret my outfit choices. Since the air is still slightly brisk I threw on an oversized caridgan, a pair of tights/leggings, and called it perfect.

Yes, my hair fashioned in corn rows once again, a style that I cannot get enough of. What did you sport today? I would love to know.

DSC_0290 DSC_0298  DSC_0278           DSC_0293 DSC_0280

Hope you all enjoyed my slice of sunshine and energy. I’d love to interact more with my readers; please leave your twitter and instagram handles below so I can see what you guys are up to! Or we can just chat in the comment section. Love all. Love Madeline. xoxo

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Something Snacks February Box Review.


I just about screamed with happiness when I opened the February Something Snacks monthly subscription box. The variety was spectacular and this month’s was adorably suited for Valentine’s Day.

If you have never heard of a monthly subscription box, this is basically how it works. You can sign up for 1 month ($10), 6 months ($9) or 1 year ($9) with one flat payment. Something Snacks offers a wide selection of “familiar snacks with a hint of adventure”. I love the idea behind enjoying well-known foods, but also getting to try something new in each box. You can even signup to have box(es) shipped as a gift to a friend; great for a birthday or simple surprise.

The only slight downside I noticed was the size of each individualy packaged snack. Most were relatively small samples, but still work to get a feel for the flavor.


Since there were 6 different items, I will only be reviewing several stand out products.

Let’s begin….

What’s inside:

Emily’s dark chocolate covered strawberries, Mscotti cranberry white chocolate biscotti, Dolcetto petites chocolate wafer bits, Off the farm strawberry coconut premium food bar, Laiki red rice crackers, Chocolat classique truffles, AmsterDam! good cookies stroopwafels

Featured Snack: AmersterDam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels

Perhaps it’s because it was the featured snack, perhaps not, but this item was my favorite out of the entire box. I’m always on the look-out for the perfect cookie, and I’d have to say this waffle cone one had made it quite far up there. It has a slight bite to it, the inside syrup is smooth and the taste is almost like caramel. A+

Dolcetto Petites Chocolate Wafer Bites

Unfortunately, I was a bit let down when I tried these delicious-looking filled wafers. The taste was amazing, but the was no crunch, the outside wafer was almost soggy and lifeless. I hoped for more, but maybe I just got a dud sample.

Off the Farm Strawberry Coconut Premium Food Bar

I thoroughly enjoyed this healthy snack bar. I’d have to say you can definitely taste the nutrition and it’s obvious that there are no bad ingredients hiding in it, but I like a good healthy taste to cleanse my palette and keep my tummy happy. It had a bit of a crunch and a bog flavor from both the coconut and strawberry, mmm tropical.

Chocolat Classique Truffles

Who doesn’t love a perfect, melt-in-your-mouth, decadent truffle? I sure do, and these ones definitely delivered. They were amazingly creamy and rich with chocolate; to die for. A+

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you take the time to check Something Snacks out if you’re interested in their company. They have amazing products, customer service, delivery and prices! Doesn’t get much better than that.

If you want to order from Something Snacks:

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day, Love all. Love Madeline.

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I was sponsored to make this post, but all opinions are my own like always.

Valentia Even Glow Serum Review.

This week I tried out the hyped up Even Glow Serum from Valentia.

I didn’t know what to expect, but honestly I was not too pleased with the results of the product. The claims sound great and all, however, after using the serum for a week I saw no changes in my skin. The smell is nice and smells of citrus, and I enjoy the eye-drop applicator.

It smoothed my face slightly once I put it on, but no lasting results or overall skin evening that was noticeable. I like that it is packed with vitamin C and has no parabens or harsh alcohol.

All in all, I was not extremely impressed by the facial product, but then again it didn’t brake me out or hurt my skin in any way. It is a mediocre product in my opinion.

If you’re interested in trying this product out for yourself:

Visit their website:

I was sponsored by BrandBacker to create this post, but all opinions are my own like always.     DSCN0694 DSCN0695