for the joy of flannels.

i’ll just start off by saying that flannels are a large part of my life. before this year I had no particular draw to wearing the oversized, cozy shirts, but now things have changed and i wear various ones multiple times during the week. the best part about flannels is that they are extremely easy to throw on over basically any outfit. they go well with plain T’s, tank tops and even sweatshirts.
since my mild obsession began I now have a small collection that is slowly growing. i’ve tried to vary the colors, but some are still similar to others.
i find most of my shirts at used clothing stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army because that’s where they are sold for very inexpensive. i’ve also been lucky enough to find a few at some local consignment shops. i tend to gravitate towards both men’s smalls and women’s mediums-large, since those sizes fit my figure the best. but really, if it relatively fits, i get them!
where I live makes it sometimes hard to wear flannels during the depths of the winter months because it gets so chilly, but during the early fall and spring is when I regularly wear them religiously.
i’m sure that people think I rarely wash my clothes, therefore that’s why I’m always seen wearing similar (not the same!) clothing pieces… or that I just don’t have many choices in my wardrobe (which, boy, let me tell you that’s incorrect!). but for their knowledge I’m a very cleanly person, I just take joy in wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes… most days of the week. and I don’t expect anyone to understand unless they’ve worn a flannel shirt and experienced it’s greatness. okay, enough ranting.
here’s my collection…


if you’re interested in seeing how to DIY an ombré flannel shirt like this one let me know in the comments, I’d be more than happy to!


on a side note… i’ve recently made a new friend here in the blogging community. she runs the blog PhotosandFros
she takes darling photos with each blog post and I love indulging in each well written piece. she is also new to the blogging community just like me, but she’s progressing fabulously! it would help both of us out tremendously if you took a trip over to her blog and subscribed to follow her wonderful talent. she posts both about fashion, photography and lifestyle. I have no doubts that you’ll love her and her writing style!
here’s her blog…

enjoy… love all. love Madeline.

innovation at it’s finest.

yesterday I decided to step far outside of my style comfort zone and wear a maroon floppy hat, perfect for fall. the hat is my mom’s and I had been thinking about sporting it for weeks. let me say, it was a great choice, and gave me a lot of confidence.
in the morning I roughly curled my now-short doo and placed the accessory on top. I paired the statement piece with a basic black shirt with thin white stripes, a charcoal grey cardigan, and my dark wash skinny jeans. the outfit was the definition of fall and I loved it. I also wore brown leather midi boots that pulled the different elements together nicely.
if you’re ever contemplating wearing something far outside of your “style”, don’t be afraid and go for it, because sometimes the most unique things look the best. love all. love Madeline.


2014 AMAS review.

since the amas happened last night and I don’t have cable, I figured I’d do some research and find my favorite outfits to show you all…
1. the dress that Elizabeth Banks wore last night caught the eyes of many critics as well as my own. it won the prize in my book, standing out with it’s bright colored, short bodice, interwoven with patterned fabric. you can tell she didn’t just want to blend in with the masses, and she definitely owned the ensemble which I give her credit for. not to mention how incredible of an actress miss Banks is.

2. my second favorite dress was sported by the glamorous Jhene Aiko (go Asians!!). it hugged her in all the right places, flowing neatly to the ground. the color looked nice on her skin tone an the fabric texture made the look more interesting. I think it was a good choice that she styled an updo, exposing the jeweled neckline of the elegant dress. yet she still had just the right amount of hair pieces framing her face. all in all I found her beautiful.

3. and the last person who drew me in was Ciara in a J Mendel original. she walked with such confidence in this jewel incrusted, sheer dress. the black material and metallic embellishments draped all the way to the ground, accentuating her curvy figure. I liked it since it was different and risqué while still staying modest.

everyones’ outfits were amazing at the 2014 amas, these were only the few I pulled out of the crowds. also, all of these women are mega talented and breathtaking.

lately when I have posted lifestyle blogs, I have gotten much more positive feedback than regular fashion posts. please leave me a comment telling me which you prefer so I can better fit my page to my viewers liking:) love all. love Madeline.