i rarely use exclamation marks, which means this must be an important occasion. well, your assumption was correct… I SOLD MY FIRST THING ON ETSY. hold your applause, I know it’s crazy but it’s mostly true. since you’re dying to know what it was, I’ll ease your mind and tell you it was a 1970’s cropped, green Christmas sweater. and it was extremely cute in my opinion, therefore, I definitely understand why it was snatched up so quickly. on Etsy, I styled it with a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans and buckled leather booties. even though the pants weren’t high waisted, the slightly cropped sweater went well. and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to sell anything as quickly as I did, but I am NOT complaining. the recipient used a check as the form of payment, so as soon as it comes through my PayPal I will be shipping it to the UK.

I know there’s notice of a story behind my first sell, but nonetheless it really inspired my shop and keeping it updated. AND I couldn’t keep it a secret from my favorite blog readers any longer! here’s the pictures that sold my sweater, I hope you find joy in them also. and if you haven’t already taken a look at my shop I would really really love and appreciate your support❤️

ps. i was going for the hipster, laid back style if u didn’t feel the vibe.


the beginning of my etsy adventure.

today marks the first day my new Etsy shop opened. after weeks of working out the bugs I was finally able to get it up and running, and I can’t tell you how extremely happy it makes me. it would put an even bigger smile on my face if you did me the favor of checking it out, giving your feedback or even looking to purchase any items you find cute. I mostly sell clothing right out of the ’80’s that I would where any day of the week. thank you so much for your support and walking this new journey with me.

here’s the link to my shop…
love all. love Madeline.

cleansing my body, detoxing my soul.

funny title, right? but don’t take it too lightly, because i mean what i say. just recently i have been more troubled with the state of my skin than i have been in a while. i have large pores (curse my genes), which causes them to be more prone to clogging. even though i am adamant about washing my face twice a day every day, my skin continues to produce stubborn acne and the occasional “break out”. being a teenage girl, it’s hard to live with such a struggle, therefore, i’m always researching new ways to rid young skins of pesky pimples. and believe me, i’ve tried a number of different methods in which people claim work for their skin, but apparently not mine.

1. the most expensive treatment i’ve used is Proactive, and let me just say it is not worth all the hype. i first used it two years ago in the fall, but stopped using it because the drying effects it had on my skin (probably also due to the colder, drier months). not to mention back then my acne wasn’t as bad as today, so it didn’t make a big difference if i used it or not. back to present time, i began using it again around a month ago and haven’t seen any good results… if anything, it made my skin worse. and a definite disclaimer for Proactive is that it isn’t formulated for sensitive or dry skin. in my opinion i have combination skin, but my T-zone gets unmanageably oily throughout the day, causing the cream to make the other regions of my face flaky and dry. another down side is that the cleanser/exfoliator that comes in the kit is much too abrasive and irritated my skin. in no way would i ever recommend purchasing Proactive because i have had no luck with it’s properties.

2. i’ve never bought any other acne treatments, but i have tried countless home remedies, never one seeming to do the trick. i’ve made many face masks including: oatmeal, egg white, honey and cinnamon, chocolate and greek yogurt and countless others. some seem to improve my skin for a short period of time, but never anything lasting.

after a few years of desperately trying to find the magic trick, i’ve resorted to eating a healthier diet, taking skin-friendly vitamins, and buying a retinol serum off Amazon that is said to work wonders. i’m hoping that by taking all of these measures i will see drastic improvements with my troubled skin in upcoming months. since sunday i have been eating healthy, for example, smoothies, vegetables, limited sugar, and gluten free. so far it hasn’t been a problem for me and i’m really enjoying the change:) after thanksgiving (starting Friday) i’m planning on doing a cleanse/detox in order to start eating fresh with a clean system and clearing out the impurities of processed foods. the cleanse was formulated by Dr. Oz, where you follow the planned out recipes, including green tea, smoothies and vitamins for three days straight. since you don’t get any protein with the diet, it isn’t recommended to exert too much energy during the time span. my mom and sister are going to do it with me, and i cannot wait to feel cleansed and detoxed. if you are interested in cleansing, we can do it together! i’m starting on friday morning and going until sunday night, here is the whole plan for all 3 days if you want to print it out.

today i went to my local herb shop any purchase vitamin b5, which is said to treat acne very well according to many non-professional studies that are found on the internet. one of the cons to this route is that the recommended dosage is somewhere around 10g. (20 capsules) and to me that sounds like an extreme amount (not to mention, expensive as heck). i plan on starting with a lot less than that and seeing if it affects my skin in any way, if not i will slowly increase my intake at a safe amount. if you have ever tried this method of acne treatment or know anyone that has, please tell me how it worked for you or them so i have more knowledge on the natural vitamin. like i said i also ordered a retinol serum that is meant to help troubled skin in a more intense way, from the outside in. i’m praying that i’ll like it and that it will help my skin combined with taking the b5. i ordered it off Amazon and it’s called, Retinol .25 by the brand SkinMedica, i was told about it by a friend who said it worked for her. all i can do is hope this treatment works for me, and i can keep all of you updated if you would like. love all. love madeline.

my fashion icon.

how many times are you flipping through a catalog or scrolling through your Instagram feed when you come across an outfit you would die to own? in my life this happens quite frequently and many times the clothing is found on famous celebrities. I’m talking actual fashion, with key components, lovely textures, varied colors, and the unique touches of fashionable minds.
the girl at the top of my celebrity style list, someone who has no fashion fear, who wears every article of clothing with confidence, the one and only, Carrie Bradshaw (aka Annasophia Robb). no matter what patterns or colors she chooses to pair together, they never fail to look amazing. even though she is only exactly five feet tall she nearly pulls off every outfit she wears, the reason being, she knows what looks good on her figure (which is very important in the fashion world). many times during the tv series she wore form-fitting dresses and skirts, accentuating her bottom half, causing her waist to look even tinier than normal.

she wore many peplum blazers and shirts which also made the same effect. since the show was set in the 80’s, Carrie sported loads of geometric print, polka dots, and neon colors. another one of her staple pieces were poofy (made that way with tooling) circle skirts.


she loves styling ‘print on print’, in which case most people cannot pull off, but she’s Carrie Bradshaw. I notice she pulls a lot of different textures into her outfits, making them more pleasing and intricate to the eye. you can tell she is very creative because you will never see her wear the same outfit pairing more than once (but it is a tv show). her hair adds to the dimension of her look, it’s how she is known and recognized, the iconic, blonde ringlets that frame her face so well. her makeup is never too heavy, causing her face to look youthful and glowy. all in all, Miss Bradshaw never disappoints and will forever be my fashion icon. she brings life to dull clothing and wears it like a modest, elegant woman who isn’t afraid of the world. My dream is to one day meet and interview the original interviewer for Interview Magazine.

p.s. if you have never watched the show, you have never experienced the feeling of connections with wonderful characters, love of 80’s fashion, or the one and only heartthrob, Sebastian Kid. there are so many amazing elements and emotions to be felt when watching the best series ever made. if you are just starting (or thinking now about starting) to delve into the episodes, I am beyond jealous because I have already finished both seasons that have been released. but please enjoy and tell me your fantastic opinions of it!
this post is dedicated to the beautiful Carrie. you do everything right, girl.


brain fog.

sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. the reason being not what you would think. I have not been overwhelmingly busy or swamped with homework. but I have been deep in thought, you may be thinking ‘about what?’, well, to answer your question many things have been on my mind recently. the first being the need/desire for friendships of various kinds. as I have mentioned in my later posts, my very best friend, Anya, moved far away from me over the summer. without someone constantly by my side, I occasionally feel lost or stuck because I have no one to vent to or throw random ideas and thoughts at. but you could also think of the change as beneficial in the sense that I am forced to be my own person and decision-maker, with no “security blanket” per say. many times I feel myself yearning for her companionship though, because she’s someone I can count on at anytime. not only have I been thinking about our friendship, but about the true definition of a friend. I like to see the good in most people, therefore, i define a friend as someone I can always count on, someone who is kind to me, and who I care about. some may say there is no definition, because it’s the feeling you get when you’re around a person, some intuition that tells you they’re a friend. and some people, no matter how many times they screw up, it’s hard to look at them than anything less than a friend, and easier to see the good in them and pray they never make another mistake again (which, inevitably the do).
secondly, I’ve been thinking a lot about managing my time. there are so many things I want to do and buy, and time is money, right? while I see so many material things I want to purchase with money that is hard-earned, I also plan on visiting Anya in Panama sooner than later which would trump every trinket, clothing item or novelty snack I could buy with cash. on the other hand, God says that he will provide, so I know I shouldn’t worry about having enough money to do and buy all the things I want, but I struggle with putting all of my faith into The Lord at times (which is one aspect of my character I have to work heavily on).
and lastly, since I’ve been doing all this thinking, I’ve also been doing a lot of writing. writing is the one thing that is sure to always clear my head, it’s almost as great as having an actual person in front of me to vent to, but in a much more beautiful way where words are spilled onto paper and you can see the things swarming your brain. It’s a wonderful escape, and a talent I’ve started tapping into again lately.
there are my excuses for the brain fog, you might like them, you might think I’m crazy for actually putting that much thought into my life, but whatever it may be, it’s just me. another reason for my mental busyness is that I’m starting an Etsy shop, trying to upload my items and figure out the billing information. it’s very exciting and you will be the first to know about it once it’s open! and the very, very last reason for my absence is that I haven’t been putting much effort into my clothing choices lately, making it hard to blog about an outfit that I’m not inspired by. anyways, thank you for listening to my rant, I hope you found at least 2 things interesting. if not, I’m so sorry for wasting your time. Love all. Love Madeline.

p.s. here’s what the sanctuary of my thoughts, aka the home of all my rabbit trails, looks like 💓


a chill day.

on this chilly autumn day I decided to dress comfortable and trendy. I wore a dark grey indie tank top, grey sweater and dark wash cuffed skinny jeans. my favorite part of the outfit are the white, cutout booties with silver buckles (not to mention, they were on a mega deal!!). I like how the booties made the look more up-to-date and chic. I left my hair down and straightened. and for the finishing touch I added staple red lipstick to bring in the festive fall feel.


good company.

last night. Halloween night.
during the daytime I scrambled around trying to find plans for the spooky holiday. when nothing came to mind I resorted to a night spent in my home, watching netflix and eating junk food (every basic girl’s dream).
however, my night was saved when a few good friends of mine invited me and my sister over to their house for a mellow time, homemade food and a bonfire for our entertainment (keep in mind, we live in the Pacific Northwest countryside where large fires are acceptable).
as we sat by the vibrant yellow flames rising well over 5 feet above my head I looked at the different faces of contemplation that surrounded me. each one consumed with their own mind, including myself. and not one of us knowing the others logic, yet all of our thought wondering was rooted from the same picture in front of us; a fire set ablaze.
as the night wore on and the laughter grew, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I am so blessed (once again) to call such wonderful people my friends. seeing the faces of both old and new companions share joy in simple things like sweet candy or corny jokes made my heart happy.
there’s no better feeling than walking away from people who play parts in your life and being able to say the phrase “I love them.” in the most sincere and genuine way.
Love The People You Choose To Surround Yourself With
…and never let blessings go unnoticed.


school girl.

on this cold day in fall I decided to wear a blue and purple floral skirt paired with a creme colored sweater, knee high socks and white sneakers. I liked how the sweater covered most of the high waisted skirt, leaving only the bottom to peak through. I braided my hair in two French braided pigtails and parted my hair down the middle. the only downside to the outfit was that my socks, shoes and sweater were different shade of white, but other than that I thought the outfit was cute and girly.



when I woke up, all I wanted to was to stay in bed all day, but sadly, school prevented me from doing so. why not wear a giant, warm, cozy fall sweater instead? I mean, it’s just like staying cuddled up in bed, right? right. so I did. the chunky knit sweater made a nice duo with my straight leg, light wash denim. I wore my tribal printed Toms booties with the outfit. My hair was in a half braided updo. this look gave a warm welcome to fall without telling it to blow it’s coldness full force just yet. you can still be stylish while being warm and comfortable.


topped off.

i paired vintage stripes with a chic, black bodycon skirt. I wore knockoff Doc Martens to dress the look down a bit, and topped of the outfit with a half topknot. my shirt is oversized so I opted for the tied side to give myself more of a silhouette. my school bag is from Flying Tomato, i liked it because it added mixed prints. when I walked out of my room this morning my mom said “how Kardashian of you” which I assume was a compliment. yay. one problem I had was that my hair is so long, my topknot coiled 2 times instead of one, making it stick up taller on the top of my head. but all is well and I enjoyed dressing up a little.
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