Vapour Beauty product review.

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I don’t know about you guys, but lately I’ve been on a complete natural and organic kick. not so much the things that I’ve been putting into my body (which is bad..), but rather the  substances I’ve been experimenting with on the outside. I absolutely love having the opportunity to try out various new beauty products, with the hope of finding a holy grail item once every blue moon. that being said, I think it’s time for another makeup review.

a brand that has recently snuck it’s way into my makeup routine is Vapour Beatuy. I love everything about their philosophy, ingredients and products. Vapour keeps everything from their foundations down to their nail polish pure and safe to use, containing no harmful chemicals. they also support no animal testing, save the bunnies! and their beauty creations are always made in the USA (a HUGE plus in my book). along with all of these wonderful qualities, the company manages to concoct magnificent makeup, filled with high pigmentation and smooth application. since I thoroughly adore Vapour, I would compare their quality to that of MAC and Tarte.

Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss:

Everything about the elixir gloss is delightful. the applicator used is one of my favorites, with a small brush head perfect for that precise lip line. the formula is not sticky whatsoever, but the slightest bit runny (still manageable though). it stays looking fabulous for multiple hours and keeps your lips hydrated with it’s moisture-lock technology. I did not see an extreme difference regarding the plumping aspect, but it was just enough for me since I already have larger lips.

the color I received was in flirt, which I am head-over-heels for. it supplies a simple enhancement to your natural lip color, my favorite type of nude. all in all, I found it is an amazing product that I would have no problem repurchasing and I can’t wait to try more colors.

along with everything I just mentioned, if you buy the elixir plumping lip gloss in honor 100% of the proceeds will go towards breast cancer research. this company is outstanding, I love how they support good causes.

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Siren Lipstick:
when I first encountered the lipstick I was gifted I was a bit skeptical of the darkness of the shade. only since I don’t normally wear deep tones, I tend to keep it more natural. once I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and give the lip color a try I absolutely fell in love with it and began wearing it almost daily.
a great quality the lipstick holds is it’s buildableness (or however you would say that). I started with one layer, and when I felt that wasn’t the darkness I wanted for the day, I built it up to my liking until I reached the color in the stick. it makes it very versatile and appropriate for both a more formal look or an everyday casual one.

Magnetic is a beautiful color for the fall and winter if you are looking for a bold lip. it won me over, despite the fact that I rarely wear dark lipstick.
the only (partial) downside to this makeup product is that it slightly sinks into fine lines and creases in the lips. no, it is not drying in any way, shape or form; even coming from me who possesses extremely dry lips. just tends to accentuate some divots.
I entirely enjoyed this product, no doubt.

and one of the best traits of the lipstick is if you purchase it in courage 30% of the proceeds will go directly to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund; another reason to indulge in Vapour Beauty products.

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Vernissage 3-Free Nail Lacquer:

looking at the website, I realize the 3-Free polish is not sold anymore, instead they have made it 5-Free which to me doesn’t seem any different. maybe just an enhanced formula is all, but I’m not sure.

however, I think this product is spectacular. I’ve repainted my nails with it twice already and each time it grows on me more and more. it glides on smooth like butter, it is very opaque (I only needed two coats for a perfect shade), it has a very nice sheen and it lasts for nearly a week (even on me, who is constantly doing rough work with my hands).

the packaging is sleek and classic, something I look for in my collection since nowadays it’s hard to find simplicity. you can definitely tell the nail polish is well-made from it’s heaviness and design.

I have been wearing the color Mischief, which, sadly, is not sold any longer on their website. it is a perfect purplish-gray shade, unlike any I’ve ever owned before. I adore it for the colder months of the year, but I could also see myself wearing it in every season. this lacquer is probably my favorite product I was gifted, and I cannot wait to stock up on multiple colors.

              photo 1(4)photo 2(3)photo 3(1)

I hope you all enjoyed another product review on a brand I have recently come to love. I was sponsored to make this post, but all opinions are 100% honest and my own. what are some of your favorite organic/natural makeup and beauty brands?

go give Vapour some love and support their amazing independent business!

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love all. love Madeline. xoxo


a grunge ootd.

today I opted for a simple grunge style that I thought went well with my new corn rows. the outfit was comfortable, yet fashionable, and something you wouldn’t see everyday. I liked how it included both plaid and ripped jeans for an edgy vibe.
I don’t usually wear much jewelry, but wearing this faux ivory earthy necklace brought me straight back to Hawaii (wear I’d rather be).
and the best news of all is that the hidden sun finally showed it’s beautiful face today after weeks of thick, encasing fog. it was wonderful.



hope you lovely people enjoyed today’s look💓. love all. love Madeline. xoxo

Sweater: Goodwill
flannel: Thrifted
Jeans: Thrifted (Jasonwood brand)
Shoes: Converse
Socks: forever 21
Necklace: Hawaiian swap meet

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a weekend at the dunes.

what a wonderful way to spent the extra long Martin Luther King Day weekend. at the oregon coast dunes with the sun shining and the wind gusting. with a great group of people (mostly guys) and delicious, homemade food. I was in heaven. it was my first time going to the dunes, and even though I don’t ride any vehicle, I had a blast. literally would never have thought I could have as much fun being completely out of my element, but it was surprisingly awesome! I loved watching the group of guys we went with jump their dirtbikes and manage their way out of sticky situations. how was I able to watch them? Logan, a friend of my sister and I, brought his small, purple Toyota that we mobbed around in with him. we had to sit three across in the front cab, squished together while we barreled up and down the steep sand hills. we went out during the day and in the dark as it was pouring down rain. I felt like every day was a different adventure, especially since they were things I had never done before. I was also able to go kayaking in the small, glassy lake that our rental house looked over on a clam morning. absolutely breathtaking. all in all, the trip was amazing and I can’t wait to return. what did you do this weekend? have you ever been to the dunes?
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hope you all enjoyed and had a beautiful weekend. love all. love Madeline.

BoxyCharm beauty subscription review.

I recently received a very exciting package in the mail. to be more specific I was sent the December BoxyCharm beauty box filled with an abundance of beautiful products.
if you have never heard of this company, it’s basically a subscription box, in which you pay a flat rate of $21 per month. the variety of beauty goodies are then shipped straight to your door, ready for you to experiment with. each month you receive different products such as, hair care or makeup, both from popular companies and independent stores.


as I lifted the cover of the simple white packaging my eye was first drawn to two note cards, one with that month’s name and description, and the other explaining what products were inside along with their individual retail prices (which tell you the actual value of the products). the cards were printed with colors that suited the season well, pretty fonts and details about their company. this touch made me feel like the not-so-well known subscription box was nicely put together and professional.


many times, larger objects stick out like a sore thumb. therefore, the next item that jumped out at me was the Coastal Scents REVEALED palette that is equipped with 20 (yes, 20!) eyeshadow colors. I was surprised to see such a well-known makeup brand with a large variety of good colors in the monthly box.
I like what the packaging looked like, not too over-the-top. it did a wonderful job of showing off the color selection that was stored neatly inside. it immediately reminded me of the Naked 2 palette, both matte and shimmery shades, warm tones, and most of all, the shape and layout of the potted shadows were almost exact.
when I began using the colors on my sister’s eyelids, I faced the problem of quite a lot of fallout landing below her bottom lashes, causing it to resemble a black eye. I attribute this inconvenience to the brush I was using, because once I began using my finger as the applicator I quickly saw better results. the colors had good pigmentation, however, I prefer even more vibrance. the only downside is that it is nearly $40; I would pay $30 or opt for an Urban Decay palette which provides better quality. but all in all I was impressed since it came in a subscription box that only costs $21 a month (which means with the eyeshadow alone, your total cost was already half of only one product).

on the left I’m showing the color I like to use to fill in my brows, the matte shade. on the right I splotched four colors to show the pigmentation.

here, I did a dark, sultry look on my sister using a warm brown matte as the base, a shimmery shadow in the center of the lids and a dark brown in the crease. I accented the eyes with a pearly white in the inter corners and below the brow.



the full face picture leads into the next product perfectly; the Be a Bombshell lipgloss in the color “Hot Mess”. i paired the eye look with the bright red gloss because I felt they complimented each other nicely.
“Hot Mess” applied vibrantly and smoothly to the lips. it only required one coat for them to transform from natural to “BAM”, a great pop of color. I like the formula and sleek packaging, I would definitely repurchase this item.

and here’s a close up of the fiery red.

the only hair care product included in the month of December was the eva•nyc miniature hairspray. I didn’t particularly like it only because it made my hair crunchy instead of flexible. I don’t like when my hair is hard, I rather like when it’s touchable and soft while still does a good job of holding it in place. but if you aren’t picky, it’s a trusted product with cute, girly exterior in a travel sized container.

I was excited to see a glamorous pair of mink lashes tucked in my box. they were the Lina Lashes brand made with 100% Siberian mink. they are cruelty free which is always a plus. the packaging is daunting and elegant, and the lashes look luxurious. unfortunately, I haven’t worn them yet because I am waiting for a special event to sport them at. my only suggestion is that if you end up buying these lashes, they don’t come with adhesive so make sure you have some already.

and last but not least is the Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush. Wow, what a mouthful. it’s a compact travel brush that comes with a cap, a perfect essential to throw in your purse. I used it once for my setting powder and another time for bronzer, both times I really enjoyed the results. the bristles are very soft and comforting on the skin and pick up a good amount of product.



overall, I thoroughly adored the BoxyCharm box that was given to me. I think it is absolutely worth the monthly payment and can be used as a tool to find new, great products from many types of brands.

if you’re interested in purchasing the BoxyCharm monthly subscription boxes, or just want to try it out for one month here’s were you can find it:

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hope you all enjoyed. love all. love Madeline. xoxo

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Hyperbiotics PRO-15 vitamin review.

I was recently introduced to the Hyperbiotics Pro-15 probiotics. I am always looking for new health supplements with beneficial factors such as one that helps keep your system strong, therefore, when I found this new product I was over-joyed. the first quality that amazed me was the claim that the tablets used in the vitamins are “15x more effective than capsules”. that alone is a large statement, which always makes me wonder how true it is. at the bottom of the container the brand also claims they are 100% vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free, and the list goes on, which all sound like pluses to me. hyperbiotics says they supply the only products in which a person’s good bacteria in their gut, commonly diminished by today’s overly-processed foods, are repopulated. one of the best qualities of PRO-15 is the fact that the vitamins are 100% natural.  another good thing about Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is that they don’t require refrigeration and they hold a shelf life of up to 18 months.

Screen shot 2015-01-11 at 6.51.13 PM

if you’re looking for a wonderful health supplement, I would indeed recommend the Hyperbiotics PRO-15 to keep your digestive system strong during the last few flu season all. love Madeline.

hope you like this product as much as I do, feel free to buy it here:


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Hyperbiotics Immune Vitamin Review.

I was recently introduced to the Hyperbiotics Immune formula vitamins. I am always on the search for new health supplements with beneficial factors such as one that help keep your immune system strong, therefore, when I found this new product I was ecstatic. the first quality that amazed me was the claim that the tablets used in the vitamins are “15x more effective than capsules”. that alone is a large statement, which always makes me wonder how true it is. at the bottom of the container the brand also claims they are 100% vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free, and the list goes on, which all sound like pluses to me. hyperbiotics says they supply the only products in which a person’s good bacteria, commonly diminished by today’s overly-processed foods, is repopulated in the body. the prominent ingredients that make up the supplements are Bioavailable Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea.  another good thing about Hyperbiotics Immune is that they don’t require refrigeration and they hold a shelf life of up to 18 months.

Screen shot 2015-01-11 at 5.57.08 PM

if you’re looking for a great health supplement, I would definitely recommend the Hyperbiotics Immune to keep away bacteria and sickness during the last few flu season all. love Madeline.

I hope you like this product as much as I do, feel free to buy it here:


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for the joy of flannels.

i’ll just start off by saying that flannels are a large part of my life. before this year I had no particular draw to wearing the oversized, cozy shirts, but now things have changed and i wear various ones multiple times during the week. the best part about flannels is that they are extremely easy to throw on over basically any outfit. they go well with plain T’s, tank tops and even sweatshirts.
since my mild obsession began I now have a small collection that is slowly growing. i’ve tried to vary the colors, but some are still similar to others.
i find most of my shirts at used clothing stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army because that’s where they are sold for very inexpensive. i’ve also been lucky enough to find a few at some local consignment shops. i tend to gravitate towards both men’s smalls and women’s mediums-large, since those sizes fit my figure the best. but really, if it relatively fits, i get them!
where I live makes it sometimes hard to wear flannels during the depths of the winter months because it gets so chilly, but during the early fall and spring is when I regularly wear them religiously.
i’m sure that people think I rarely wash my clothes, therefore that’s why I’m always seen wearing similar (not the same!) clothing pieces… or that I just don’t have many choices in my wardrobe (which, boy, let me tell you that’s incorrect!). but for their knowledge I’m a very cleanly person, I just take joy in wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes… most days of the week. and I don’t expect anyone to understand unless they’ve worn a flannel shirt and experienced it’s greatness. okay, enough ranting.
here’s my collection…


if you’re interested in seeing how to DIY an ombré flannel shirt like this one let me know in the comments, I’d be more than happy to!


on a side note… i’ve recently made a new friend here in the blogging community. she runs the blog PhotosandFros
she takes darling photos with each blog post and I love indulging in each well written piece. she is also new to the blogging community just like me, but she’s progressing fabulously! it would help both of us out tremendously if you took a trip over to her blog and subscribed to follow her wonderful talent. she posts both about fashion, photography and lifestyle. I have no doubts that you’ll love her and her writing style!
here’s her blog…

enjoy… love all. love Madeline.

innovation at it’s finest.

yesterday I decided to step far outside of my style comfort zone and wear a maroon floppy hat, perfect for fall. the hat is my mom’s and I had been thinking about sporting it for weeks. let me say, it was a great choice, and gave me a lot of confidence.
in the morning I roughly curled my now-short doo and placed the accessory on top. I paired the statement piece with a basic black shirt with thin white stripes, a charcoal grey cardigan, and my dark wash skinny jeans. the outfit was the definition of fall and I loved it. I also wore brown leather midi boots that pulled the different elements together nicely.
if you’re ever contemplating wearing something far outside of your “style”, don’t be afraid and go for it, because sometimes the most unique things look the best. love all. love Madeline.



it is now fall and many changes are happening. one of which being my new and improved hair. exactly a week ago from today I made the major decision to chop off the majority of my relatively long hair. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been contemplating doing this for quite some time now because I was tired of my long, dry, damaged hair. and whenever I got the chance I would put it up just because I was always so annoyed with it. in short, I was unhappy with my hair that hadn’t changed for years. so on Wednesday after my school got out I went to my hairdresser, showed her a picture of what I wanted, and told her I was ready to lose my long locks.

as the process was happening I thought I would feel sad or regretful right away, but I felt neither. Instead, I felt this great wave of exuberance wash over me, like I was suddenly a new person.
before I go on I would like to clear up the question some of you may be wondering, “did you donate your hair?” well… leading up to the day of the cut I was, of course, planning on giving it to Locks of Love. but when the time came I was too wrapped up in the moment and forgot to tell my hairdresser that’s what I wanted (p.s. I had more than the minimum). and she forgot to ask me. so sadly, after more than half of my hair was lying in a heap on the floor I realized what I forgot and felt a tinge of regret, but there will always be a next time, right?
okay, continuing, I asked my hairdresser to cut it around collarbone length, which she did, and leave the front a bit longer (almost like an A-line style). if you didn’t know, my hair is astronomically thick. I mean crazy. so the process took some time an in the end it didn’t feel too much lighter since I still have a crap load of hair. but all in all it’s been the best decision I’ve made this year. I feel like a different person, and I haven’t regretted it once yet (thank goodness no meltdowns). I would have to say the best compliment I’ve received so far is “Wow Maddie, it makes you look more fun”. now all I’ve been doing is playing around with new hairstyles and seeing what I like best. if you’re ever having doubts about changing something simple in a drastic way I think it’s best to just do it, so you’ll never wonder what it would have been like. I encourage people to take risks and chances because who know, you might end up loving the outcome just like me.
here’s the new doo, before and after… tell me what you think in the comments!


if you want me to do a post about how I grew my hair quickly let me know in the comments! i’d love to do that for you guys😊
and since it’s holiday season it just makes sense to take a look at my etsy shop where you can buy adorable vintage items at reasonable prices! and I’d really appreciate the love from my readers

love all. love Madeline.

my fashion icon.

how many times are you flipping through a catalog or scrolling through your Instagram feed when you come across an outfit you would die to own? in my life this happens quite frequently and many times the clothing is found on famous celebrities. I’m talking actual fashion, with key components, lovely textures, varied colors, and the unique touches of fashionable minds.
the girl at the top of my celebrity style list, someone who has no fashion fear, who wears every article of clothing with confidence, the one and only, Carrie Bradshaw (aka Annasophia Robb). no matter what patterns or colors she chooses to pair together, they never fail to look amazing. even though she is only exactly five feet tall she nearly pulls off every outfit she wears, the reason being, she knows what looks good on her figure (which is very important in the fashion world). many times during the tv series she wore form-fitting dresses and skirts, accentuating her bottom half, causing her waist to look even tinier than normal.

she wore many peplum blazers and shirts which also made the same effect. since the show was set in the 80’s, Carrie sported loads of geometric print, polka dots, and neon colors. another one of her staple pieces were poofy (made that way with tooling) circle skirts.


she loves styling ‘print on print’, in which case most people cannot pull off, but she’s Carrie Bradshaw. I notice she pulls a lot of different textures into her outfits, making them more pleasing and intricate to the eye. you can tell she is very creative because you will never see her wear the same outfit pairing more than once (but it is a tv show). her hair adds to the dimension of her look, it’s how she is known and recognized, the iconic, blonde ringlets that frame her face so well. her makeup is never too heavy, causing her face to look youthful and glowy. all in all, Miss Bradshaw never disappoints and will forever be my fashion icon. she brings life to dull clothing and wears it like a modest, elegant woman who isn’t afraid of the world. My dream is to one day meet and interview the original interviewer for Interview Magazine.

p.s. if you have never watched the show, you have never experienced the feeling of connections with wonderful characters, love of 80’s fashion, or the one and only heartthrob, Sebastian Kid. there are so many amazing elements and emotions to be felt when watching the best series ever made. if you are just starting (or thinking now about starting) to delve into the episodes, I am beyond jealous because I have already finished both seasons that have been released. but please enjoy and tell me your fantastic opinions of it!
this post is dedicated to the beautiful Carrie. you do everything right, girl.