Lost + found

“Why did I travel solo to Hawaii?”

Well, if I’m being entirely honest I found a round trip ticket for $300 and because all of my friends and family are living their own lives (school, work, etc.) I decided, what the heck, I’m not going to let fear hold me back.

And maybe it didn’t turn out to be all rainbows and unicorns. Not every moment was necessarily capital F U N, but I learned that it’s okay. It’s okay to be lonely at times, to miss the presence of the ones we love and wish could be there with us. Sometimes God takes us on adventures to grow us and speak truth into our hearts that we are so desperately seeking.

Change makes me sad, whether it’s teeny tiny or life-altering. From as far back as I can remember, I have feared change. So because I’m choosing to display my true self with you, I’ll admit I cried (a lot) the first night I arrived on Oahu and found myself all alone tucked away in a desolately quiet basement on the mountainside that hadn’t seen company since summertime. All of my built up excitement from car ride to plane ride of imagining the glorious tropical memories I’d make- as a wanderlust independent adventurer, like someone who backpacks Europe by themself just for the experience- it felt snatched from me in a shear moment of loneliness.

But this really isn’t a sad story, I promise. Way more good came out of my solo trip than sadness. I believe God knows exactly what our souls need, even when we think we need something entirely different. And he filled my soul to the brim over these past five days. He said “my love, I am here with you holding your hand, always. Though you may feel alone, I will never leave you.”

He ignited my once lost passion for creating what my heart desires- capturing beauty and letting words spill onto paper (or rather a keyboard, which sounds less poetic), seeking adventure instead of staying inside, reading beautiful stories that motivate me to lead a purposeful life and best of all, he reminded me how important it is to just be.

He whispered, “slow down and just be who I created you. Why are you anxious? Why do you feel so uneasy and unloved just because you are alone? Darling, I adore every piece of you, even when you can only see flaws. You don’t need noise and “busyness” and constant calculated plans- all you need is me, so come home child.”

Because I didn’t have anyone to depend on, I felt a strong nudge to make friends wherever I went. I would say I’m definitely more introverted, so for me this was quite uncomfortable, but man did it grow me. I was able to connect with bloggers and influencers through social media more than I ever have. But even more special than that, I met a number of people just because I decided to say hi, look up from my phone and spark real conversation- whether it was at the beach, on an airplane or in a coffee shop.

Moral of the story…. Do something crazy or out of your comfort zone and just see the beauty that God brings out of it. And let’s all practice embracing our real, honest, quirky selves.

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Overall dress: topshop (thrifted from Poshmark)

Strapless crop top: brandy melville

Hat: Brixton

Shoes: thrifted vintage

Backpack: thrifted vintage

‘Tis the (sunny) Season // 11.28.15

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was just as full of flavor as mine!

I figured I would write a small catch-up of my current life events for all of my lovely readers.


My Thanksgiving was all I could have wished for and more. My family, my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandma and I all spent our holiday at the beautiful Oregon coast. My relatives own a lovely beach house close to the border of Oregon and California where we were blessed to vacation for a few days. If you’ve ever ventured to the Oregon coast before, you would know that the weather can often be very cold and foggy; the sun rarely being prominent. However, for the two full days we stayed there, the sun was shining and the air was nearly the warmest I can ever recall it being. God was truly blessing us at such a wonderful time filled with family!

The morning of our departure day, my uncle, dad and I decided to hit the waves since the water was glassy and surfable. The ocean was cold as ever, but the sun warmed our bodies through our wetsuits as we managed to ride each precious wave. When I surf, there are absolutely no words to describe my feelings of elation during the solitude I am given with the sea. No other activity brings me the same perspective and makes me realize the enormity of our world, crafted by my maker’s hands. I hope one day, if you haven’t already, everyone would be able to feel the sensation that comes with surfing.

As for the rest of my extended weekend and past endeavors, I have been busy as a bee doing my Christmas shopping early, mostly online. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather sit in my warm, cozy house searching the internet for fabulous things rather than braving the crowded stores filled with scatter-brained bargain shoppers. But whatever floats your boat.

My mind  has been a flurry of blogging ideas for the month of December, so please stay tuned for exciting new material! Also, please let me know in the comments whether you would enjoy seeing a Christmas gift guide or DIY gift guide in the future because I would love to create it for you. Because trust me, I know how stressful gift planning/buying can be.

Well, that’s all for today’s catch-up with Madeline, thank you for reading and don’t forget to comment, like and follow for the fun planned this month! Love all. Love Madeline.

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A rare and glorious beach day.

nothing is better than seeing that the weather will be in the high seventies at the oregon coast. that is, when u live in oregon.
especially since my small town has been encased with a groggy fog for weeks on end, it was such an unexpected treat to escape to the coast. or so we thought…
the day started off well, we gathered together loads of belongings to be shoved into the car, ate breakfast and got our never-forgotten Dutch bros.

It wasn’t until we had been driving for about 25 minutes that there was a sudden “POP” sound, then the feeling of off kilterness in the backseat, and finally the grinding of metal upon pavement as my dad’s extremely heavy truck scraped to a stop.
wanna guess what happened?

…. Yes, you’re right. Our wheel. THE WHOLE FRICKEN BACK LEFT WHEEL. popped right off of it’s securement and began rolling up the slight hill adjacent to us and stopped almost in unison with our truck.
my dad managed to control and stop the truck; but only to be unseen on the shoulder of a partially blind curve where many cars fly by.
In a hurry, my mother was sent out to direct traffic away from our broken down vehicle as my dad hurriedly got on the phone with a towing service (thank goodness for the 21st century and cell phones).
All the while, people were beyond generous; supplying my mom with flares for extra caution in warning people of the wreck, two men carried the escape tire across the highway and back to us, and several others just asking if they could lend a helping hand. The gratitude that was offered in our small time of need was something to be admired in my opinion. As my sister continued making a fuss that all people wanted was to get in on all the “drama” that was unfolding, I was smiling because it’s a reassuring feeling to know that there are still some decent people in this world that stop to help troubled people out instead of only worrying about themselves.
After waiting for around 40 minutes (I was simply taking advantage of the beautiful view we were given to look upon while sneaking pictures of the commotion around me), we were rescued by a polite tow truck driver and driven back home, accompanied by our 3-wheeled truck.

My family and I were not going to let a small hiccup like this deter us from getting to the sunny ocean that was calling our names. As my uncle put it “we were troopers”. If we had stayed home, it would have been like saying “okay, you beat us, you won and now we won’t have any fun today”.
Well. We sure did show that not-so-great beginning to our day, because the beach was warmer and more beautiful than I have experienced in a very long time. Even though we arrived with not as much time as we had planned, we made the best of it and enjoyed every last drop of sunshine.
The beach was golden and there were people scattered across the shoreline, enjoying the special day, like ourselves. We met our cousins there and took joy in their company. We tossed a frisbee, played the chasing game with rippled waves, climbed massive rocks and watched the sunset illuminate the sky.
It was perfect and God was beside us all day long. He made sure we stayed safe during the tire failure and he supplied a glorious day at the oregon coast with people we love. He is awesome. Don’t you think?

I told you we had a gorgeous view….

DSCN0550  DSCN0547

This perfectly captured moment of my sister’s worried expression explains it all.


Another great view we were able to see while riding in the tow truck with this friendly man.


And finally… we made it to the coast where the sun was glorious…


My sweetpea Samantha Mary when I got her laughing about silly voices I was making.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



The golden cast of the sun..



Sammi telling me a story; one of her favorite pass-times.


Twirling on the sand…




This kind old soul was able to join in on the fun too.

DSCN0561 DSCN0582 DSCN0671  DSCN0641

He was just saying hello.


A painted sky marked the end to the beautiful day from the Lord.


Hope you all enjoyed reading about our small adventure! Have a wonderful week(:

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Mountain Top Thoughts.

Today I drove up a small mountain ridge with a very close friend of mine while listening to soulful music and sipping on our tea.

It felt good, the sun was shining on our backs and the crisp hair reminded us of the still-prominent oregon winter. The view isn’t always the greatest at that particular spot, but today you could make out the subdued rolling hills just beyond our small town. It was perfect, and I happily captured every moment (even some not-too-pretty ones) with my newly fixed Nikon camera.

our souls were surely smiling today…

DSCN0458 DSCN0462


DSCN0473 DSCN0479 DSCN0476 DSCN0474 DSCN0491 DSCN0487

Top- Thrifted

Jeans- JasonWood

Sweater- Thrifted

Shoes- Converse

Necklace- Hawaiian swap meet

Song of the moment: 21 Pilots // House of Gold

Love all. Love Madeline. Xoxo

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Pacifica beauty product review + GIVEAWAY


let’s begin.
I love Pacifica. their products are natural and chemical-free, they do a wonderful job enhancing “natural beauty”, as they like to put it, by utilizing minimal ingredients. they specialize in perfume and makeup, never failing to fill each container will peace and joy. they partake in a 100% vegan guarantee, cruelty free products, along with recyclable packaging, and a portion of all profits go towards supporting clean water.
their creations are made in the USA as well, whoohoo!
Steller Gaze Length and Strength Mineral Mascara

visually, the packaging is very unique and inviting.
I really like how big and full the brush is, it does a nice job of separating and volumizing your lashes. The mascara is infused with coconut and vitamin B, which are proven to help your lashes grow.
I experienced no flakiness, however, it was still easy to remove at the time I wanted. It gave my lashes quite a big of length as well and lasted all day as it claims.
I was able to try both the black (supernova) and brown (stardust); since I have such dark lashes it was hard for me to see a big difference between the two. on blue or green eyes I could see the brown looking great since it would accentuate the vibrance further.
I definitely like this product, I wish it was a bit larger in size, but other than that, the formula is wonderful.

                DSC_0738 DSC_0739
Hawaiian Ruby Guava Roll-On Perfume
“Guava, pomello, and coconut notes”, this perfume delivers exactly what it says. a lightly sweet scent, perfect for a fresh summer day. just simply roll it onto the neck and wrists, and enjoy the aroma for the entirety of the day. personally, it reminds me of Hawaii each time I wear it, lovely! such a nice scent if you enjoy sweet and girly fragrances.

Tuscan Blood Orange Roll-On Perfume
I absolutely love this scent. It’s refreshing and clean smelling, filled with accents of citrus. i just imagine walking through an orange orchard with the sun shining on my back, listening to the birds tweedle and chirp.

It’s also perfect for a summer day at the ocean, and easy to throw in your beach bag for on-the-go use. I like how Pacifica doesn’t overdue their perfumes, they simply enhance a person’s natural beauty by adding a chemical-free scent to their skin.
Tahitian Gardenia Roll-On Perfume
usually I’m not the type to reach for floral or more sophisticated perfumes, but the Tahitian Gardenia has quickly become a favorite of mine. possibly due to the fact that it’s unlike any others I have in my collection. I enjoy how it isn’t too overwhelmingly flowery, it’s just the right amount of strength. Pacifica gets an A+ in my book for this creation of theirs.

overall, Pacifica is an outstanding company that produces harmless and natural products at reasonable prices. I will definitely be repurchasing some of these items and trying out new ones in the near future. go give them a visit and show your body some love by using their products!
Pacifica website: http://www.pacificabeauty.com



this giveaway is sponsored by Pacifica beauty.

if you’re interested in entering this giveway read forward.

The lucky winner will be receiving all of the products that were mentioned above:

Steller Gaze Length and Strength Mineral Mascara, in supernova and stardust.

Hawaiian Ruby Guava Roll-On Perfume.

Tuscan Blood Orange Roll-On Perfume.

Tahitian Gardenia Roll-On Perfume.


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It will begin today (January 26th) and end on Febuary 9th at 12:00pm pacific time.

Please DON’T enter more than once or you will automatically be disqualified.

Hope you all enjoy and have fun with this! love all. love Madeline.

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a weekend at the dunes.

what a wonderful way to spent the extra long Martin Luther King Day weekend. at the oregon coast dunes with the sun shining and the wind gusting. with a great group of people (mostly guys) and delicious, homemade food. I was in heaven. it was my first time going to the dunes, and even though I don’t ride any vehicle, I had a blast. literally would never have thought I could have as much fun being completely out of my element, but it was surprisingly awesome! I loved watching the group of guys we went with jump their dirtbikes and manage their way out of sticky situations. how was I able to watch them? Logan, a friend of my sister and I, brought his small, purple Toyota that we mobbed around in with him. we had to sit three across in the front cab, squished together while we barreled up and down the steep sand hills. we went out during the day and in the dark as it was pouring down rain. I felt like every day was a different adventure, especially since they were things I had never done before. I was also able to go kayaking in the small, glassy lake that our rental house looked over on a clam morning. absolutely breathtaking. all in all, the trip was amazing and I can’t wait to return. what did you do this weekend? have you ever been to the dunes?
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hope you all enjoyed and had a beautiful weekend. love all. love Madeline.

vintage inspiration.

this outfit explains just how much I love vintage clothing. although one piece is barely used, it was still not bought new, so let’s just pretend it goes well with the “vintage” look. and the cardigan is currently available on my Etsy shop for your convenience! I decided to dress up a little today when my friend and I walked around our small downtown valley while sipping milky matcha tea. hope you enjoy. love all. love Madeline. xoxo





Top: vintage floral button down tank top cut from a romper.
Jeans: used Jasonwood embroidered.
Cardigan: Vintage Cherokee
Shoes: Vintage 90’s

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Instagram fanatic.

my love for Instagram (a personal gallery of my life and art) began around 3 years ago. I have loved it wholeheartedly ever since and don’t go one week without posting something new. I love the idea of “a life through pictures”, you don’t have to be famous or “cool” or have a lot of friends. all you have to do is post whatever you like, whether is be art, hobbies, selfies or even food. I’m a complete advocate for the popular app and I know most of you probably are too. usually I don’t self promote, but I work really hard on each image and I think you would like my page. I post my hobbies, my adventures and obviously a few selfies here and there.

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a collection of some of my favorite pictures…











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oregon snow.

a day on the mountain was much needed. since mount Ashland didn’t have enough snow to open last year, I was unable to get my boarding in. funny thing is each year I start off not knowing how to ride as good as the year before. but with some integrity and perseverance I found my way back to my old skills (lol) and conquered the mountain in the short time I was given. the best part were the views and photos I was able to take.
do something out of your comfort zone this winter. love all. love Madeline. xoxo