Jealous Body Scrub Review.

a coffee body scrub is something I’ve been wanting to try out for quite some time now. I was always intrigued by the artsy Instagram pictures and results of soft, pampered skin when people used exfoliators such as Frank. I was lucky enough to work with Jealous Body Scrub and give my skin a much needed treat.
I especially love how it smells of coffee. coming from someone who doesn’t use body scrub too often, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the product. while scrubbing away all of the dead skin cells and impurities, it also moisturized my body nicely. it is formulated to use on the face as well, yet I found it to be a little too abrasive for my extremely sensitive face. I definitely admire the fact that it’s all natural and healthy to use on your beautiful skin. it left my body feeling refreshed and deeply cleaned.
after a few uses, I can now tell a slight decrease in the few small razor bumps I have on my legs.
I completely stand behind this product and everything they stand for. I loved their products!
go give them some love and give their lovely products a try..


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I was sponsored to make this post, but all opinions are my own like always.

Trilogy skincare product review.


most skincare products that I bring myself to try out for the first time never end up making it into my daily skincare routine. I’m sure it’s normal, I’m just very picky about what goes on my skin since my face is sensitive and prone to breakouts.
however, a new indie brand I have recently been testing out is the Trilogy skincare line of products. since it’s a small, not-so-well known company, I didn’t know what results to expect.
now, as a proud 2 week user of their Balancing Gel Cleanser and Very Gentle Calming Serum, I can honestly say they have changed my skin for the better.
let’s get into the review…

Balancing Gel Cleanser
my first impression of this face wash was the fact that it’s aroma was very strong and herby; not my favorite scent but it’s bearable.
beyond that, I absolutely love everything else about this product; it foams up nicely (a quality I look for in cleansers), it’s all natural, it’s clarifying, purifying and cooling. containing witch hazel and willow bark, the wash cleans beneath the skin’s surface to clear complexion for people with combination to oily skin.
I have recently incorporated this product into my nighttime skincare routine. I use it paired with my Clarisonic beauty face brush, and it seems to work lovely. I haven’t noticed any signs of dryness (although, I do moisturize) or irritation. teamed up with several new products that I use daily, I have noticed an obvious difference in the clearing of my skin. yay!
overall, I rate this product a 4.5 out of 5 and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an everyday face cleanser if you struggle with oily/acne prone skin.

Very Gentle Calming Serum
made with calendula and green tea, this natural face serum works wonders on dry and irritated skin. the natural ingredients help to sooth redness and give your skin a healthy boost in the morning or night.
I now have incorporated this product into my morning skincare routine, using it directly after I wash my face. right away, I my skin feels rehydrated and smooth, ready to take on the day. I wear it under my makeup, which I feel helps my foundation glide on smoother.

all I can say is thank you Trilogy for making two wonderful products that have now found their way into my drawers. I most definitely recommend both of these and cannot wait to try out more from them. I hope you all enjoyed, and give them a try if you’re in need of skincare add-ons. love all. love madeline.

purchase from Trilogy here:

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I was sponsored to make this post, but all opinions are my own like always.

style inspiration: Julie Sari├▒ana

am I the only one, or does anyone else have that one person who, when they pop up on your Instagram feed, is always sporting the most frickin’ adorable outfits that make you rethink your entire wardrobe?… Or rather, your entire life?
okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration… but you know what I mean, right?
at the moment, one of my favorite style icons is Julie Sari├▒ara, the beautifully glamorous fashion blogger and entrepreneur. she ties in a variety of elements into her unique looks, you’ll never catch her wearing the same outfit twice (something I’m guilty of, and have no problem with).
I love how Julie chooses to dress down a multitude of her outfits by simply wearing sneakers (converse, Chanel, Adidas, etc.). she kills it with her short hair style and sassy personality. not to mention, she’s beyond stunning and she looks precious in every picture that’s captured of her.










I like to think she inspires some of my fashion picks, but let’s be honest….
I wear flannels on the daily because I’m too lazy to wear anything else.
I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe acquired a few new fashion ideas from this lovely lady. Who is your current favorite fashion icon?
love all. love madeline.

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innovation at it’s finest.

yesterday I decided to step far outside of my style comfort zone and wear a maroon floppy hat, perfect for fall. the hat is my mom’s and I had been thinking about sporting it for weeks. let me say, it was a great choice, and gave me a lot of confidence.
in the morning I roughly curled my now-short doo and placed the accessory on top. I paired the statement piece with a basic black shirt with thin white stripes, a charcoal grey cardigan, and my dark wash skinny jeans. the outfit was the definition of fall and I loved it. I also wore brown leather midi boots that pulled the different elements together nicely.
if you’re ever contemplating wearing something far outside of your “style”, don’t be afraid and go for it, because sometimes the most unique things look the best. love all. love Madeline.



it is now fall and many changes are happening. one of which being my new and improved hair. exactly a week ago from today I made the major decision to chop off the majority of my relatively long hair. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been contemplating doing this for quite some time now because I was tired of my long, dry, damaged hair. and whenever I got the chance I would put it up just because I was always so annoyed with it. in short, I was unhappy with my hair that hadn’t changed for years. so on Wednesday after my school got out I went to my hairdresser, showed her a picture of what I wanted, and told her I was ready to lose my long locks.

as the process was happening I thought I would feel sad or regretful right away, but I felt neither. Instead, I felt this great wave of exuberance wash over me, like I was suddenly a new person.
before I go on I would like to clear up the question some of you may be wondering, “did you donate your hair?” well… leading up to the day of the cut I was, of course, planning on giving it to Locks of Love. but when the time came I was too wrapped up in the moment and forgot to tell my hairdresser that’s what I wanted (p.s. I had more than the minimum). and she forgot to ask me. so sadly, after more than half of my hair was lying in a heap on the floor I realized what I forgot and felt a tinge of regret, but there will always be a next time, right?
okay, continuing, I asked my hairdresser to cut it around collarbone length, which she did, and leave the front a bit longer (almost like an A-line style). if you didn’t know, my hair is astronomically thick. I mean crazy. so the process took some time an in the end it didn’t feel too much lighter since I still have a crap load of hair. but all in all it’s been the best decision I’ve made this year. I feel like a different person, and I haven’t regretted it once yet (thank goodness no meltdowns). I would have to say the best compliment I’ve received so far is “Wow Maddie, it makes you look more fun”. now all I’ve been doing is playing around with new hairstyles and seeing what I like best. if you’re ever having doubts about changing something simple in a drastic way I think it’s best to just do it, so you’ll never wonder what it would have been like. I encourage people to take risks and chances because who know, you might end up loving the outcome just like me.
here’s the new doo, before and after… tell me what you think in the comments!


if you want me to do a post about how I grew my hair quickly let me know in the comments! i’d love to do that for you guys­čśŐ
and since it’s holiday season it just makes sense to take a look at my etsy shop where you can buy adorable vintage items at reasonable prices! and I’d really appreciate the love from my readers

love all. love Madeline.

brain fog.

sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. the reason being not what you would think. I have not been overwhelmingly busy or swamped with homework. but I have been deep in thought, you may be thinking ‘about what?’, well, to answer your question many things have been on my mind recently. the first being the need/desire for friendships of various kinds. as I have mentioned in my later posts, my very best friend, Anya, moved far away from me over the summer. without someone constantly by my side, I occasionally feel lost or stuck because I have no one to vent to or throw random ideas and thoughts at. but you could also think of the change as beneficial in the sense that I am forced to be my own person and decision-maker, with no “security blanket” per say. many times I feel myself yearning for her companionship though, because she’s someone I can count on at anytime. not only have I been thinking about our friendship, but about the true definition of a friend. I like to see the good in most people, therefore, i define a friend as someone I can always count on, someone who is kind to me, and who I care about. some may say there is no definition, because it’s the feeling you get when you’re around a person, some intuition that tells you they’re a friend. and some people, no matter how many times they screw up, it’s hard to look at them than anything less than a friend, and easier to see the good in them and pray they never make another mistake again (which, inevitably the do).
secondly, I’ve been thinking a lot about managing my time. there are so many things I want to do and buy, and time is money, right? while I see so many material things I want to purchase with money that is hard-earned, I also plan on visiting Anya in Panama sooner than later which would trump every trinket, clothing item or novelty snack I could buy with cash. on the other hand, God says that he will provide, so I know I shouldn’t worry about having enough money to do and buy all the things I want, but I struggle with putting all of my faith into The Lord at times (which is one aspect of my character I have to work heavily on).
and lastly, since I’ve been doing all this thinking, I’ve also been doing a lot of writing. writing is the one thing that is sure to always clear my head, it’s almost as great as having an actual person in front of me to vent to, but in a much more beautiful way where words are spilled onto paper and you can see the things swarming your brain. It’s a wonderful escape, and a talent I’ve started tapping into again lately.
there are my excuses for the brain fog, you might like them, you might think I’m crazy for actually putting that much thought into my life, but whatever it may be, it’s just me. another reason for my mental busyness is that I’m starting an Etsy shop, trying to upload my items and figure out the billing information. it’s very exciting and you will be the first to know about it once it’s open! and the very, very last reason for my absence is that I haven’t been putting much effort into my clothing choices lately, making it hard to blog about an outfit that I’m not inspired by. anyways, thank you for listening to my rant, I hope you found at least 2 things interesting. if not, I’m so sorry for wasting your time. Love all. Love Madeline.

p.s. here’s what the sanctuary of my thoughts, aka the home of all my rabbit trails, looks like ­čĺô


a day in town.

while I spent my last day with my best friend (read my previous post to learn more about her) we decided to grab a bite to eat at an urbanized, new restaurant in the heart of downtown. as we waited for our food we walked a few blocks down, searching for the perfect brick wall to photograph our fleeing moments together. we found one and posed in front of a busy street, because why not?
here I’m wearing a white RVCA shirt with a blue logo, I really like of the shirt is shaped, I feel like it does a nice job of complimenting my figure. over that I wore my favorite flannel, orange and rustic red colored for a warm touch to the outfit. I paired the look with light wash skinny jeans tucked into leather midi boots with a fuzzy interior. to accessorize I put on a faux ivory, short elephant necklace from my dear friend in Spain. my hair was simply braided from the previous night and the front was tied up to stay out of my face. this is a perfect example of throwing together an outfit in mere minutes, while still managing to look somewhat cute.

… this post is dedicated to my beloved best friend, Anya Rosa. she is one special girl. I already miss her and can’t wait until the day I get to see her beautiful face next. the people in Panama don’t know how lucky they are to live with such a talented, beautiful, and kind young woman.
p.s. she has a youtube channel. please go visit, give her feedback, subscribe and like her videos, it would mean the world to me. :::

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a daze in the maize.

today I went to my small town’s annual pumpkin patch. while enjoying the sun beams on my back and the company of good friends, i couldn’t be more grateful for the beauty surrounding me. walking through the corn maze brought back countless memories of past autumn seasons. running until i couldn’t catch my breath, trying to find the way out before anyone else. it brought me back to a time when i marveled at even the smallest adventure. i could find fun in any small task. the way the corn stalks made my skin itch and the “squash” of the mud under my feet. there are so many things to take wonder in, in this world, yet so many fail to do so when the opportunities arise. sometimes we all wish we were small again, with our lives ahead of us, but what is so different now, then things used to be? deep down we are still those little souls trying to find our way in the maze (life, maybe). don’t underestimate the fact that enjoyment comes in all shapes and sizes, to anyone who is willing to receive it with open arms, no matter your age, size, talents or past. take joy in the little things, whether it be taking a walk in your neighborhood, going through a corn maze in fall or spending time with people who make you smile. be grateful for everything. don’t keep your head down, or you’ll miss the natural beauty hiding in the corn & sky.


topped off.

i paired vintage stripes with a chic, black bodycon skirt. I wore knockoff Doc Martens to dress the look down a bit, and topped of the outfit with a half topknot. my shirt is oversized so I opted for the tied side to give myself more of a silhouette. my school bag is from Flying Tomato, i liked it because it added mixed prints. when I walked out of my room this morning my mom said “how Kardashian of you” which I assume was a compliment. yay. one problem I had was that my hair is so long, my topknot coiled 2 times instead of one, making it stick up taller on the top of my head. but all is well and I enjoyed dressing up a little.
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