Life’s a Rollercoaster

Life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster these last couple of months. 
It began with a new job that I poured the majority of my time and energy into. From there, my life was transformed by genuine friendships and connections. I found myself busy all the time, constantly cramming school work, serving up coffee and smiles at the drive-thru coffee shop I work at, and all the while, doing my best to fit in time for friends and family. 

That may sound like a lot to some people. And it is a lot, trust me. Being a full time student + working part time + trying to have a social life is at times very exhausting. 

But don’t misunderstand me when I say these things, because in no way am I complaining. During this new year, and new season of my life, I have found myself to be happier than I’ve ever been. 

It’s funny, because some days I do find myself complaining about how busy I am or how tired I am, but in all honesty, I am the happiest girl when my days are filled with productivity. So instead of whining about what I don’t like, I have been trying to embrace the fact that I am young and able to have a crazy life. 

Throughout these last few months I have grown tremendously as an individual. I feel as if I’ve found my voice more than ever, and that I’ve become much more comfortable and confident in myself as a person. I can’t express how truly blessed I feel. 
With a busy life comes the shocking reality of how fast each day flies by. There’s a popular country song that’s on the radio quite often that’s chorus goes, 

“Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty

Tick-tock, won’t stop, around it goes

Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry

And all you keep trying to do is slow it down, soak it in

Keep trying to make the good times last as long as you can

But you can’t, man

It just goes too fast.”

And that’s exactly how I feel about life. It’s going fast and it’s a rollercoaster, there’s definitely no stopping it. With graduation right around the corner, summer plans becoming clearer, and post high school uncertainties looming in my future, all I can do is hold on and enjoy every second of this crazy ride. 

As I’m sure you may have noticed, I have dramatically pushed blogging to the side. And I really don’t like that. From here on out I want to make blogging a priority again, because I do love it and feel like there can be a future in it for me. I recently created a video that explained the thing that holds me back often times, which is perfectionism and the thought that everything I produce has to be amazing and exactly how I imagined it in my head. But that’s just not realistic, and I talked about adopting a new mindset that creating something everyday, no matter what it is, is better than creating nothing at all. 

Watch it here:

IMG_9825Anyways, that’s my rant. Basically, I want you all to know that I’m still alive and well (and very content). And also, that I’m going to put aside dedicated time for blogging in my life because it’s important to my heart. 

Thanks for tagging along on my rollercoaster of a life. You guys are the best. 

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Xoxo, Madeline

Fresh Face // My Skincare Staples

I don’t want to jinx anything… but my skin is the best it’s been since the time I was twelve years old. I can’t help but sing my praises, because, as many of you know if you’ve followed me on my journey, I have struggled with acne-prone skin for nearly five years. That’s a heck of a long time to be stressed out about breakouts.

Within the last couple months, I have noticed significant improvements in my skin. For the first time in years I feel confident enough to wear a bear face, save for a few spots of concealer. I never even used to walk out of my house without foundation on.

My skin texture has become 20x smoother and I have even noticed a reduction in dark marks and scaring. I am a happy girl, and today I decided to share a few of my skincare staples with all of you. On a side note, I would never promote products that I don’t 100% support and approve of. I am here to help even just one of you improve the state of your skin, so I only recommend my holy grail products.

1. Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub

For months I struggled to find the perfect exfoliator that wasn’t too harsh or drying on my skin, but was still able to give my pores a deep clean. After some trial and error, I found the best one I’ve ever tried. The Derma E exfoliator with activated charcoal leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean and smooth. It has tiny exfoliating beads which gently scrub away the makeup residue and build up from the day. Many times, whether I’m taking a shower or bath, I leave the exfoliator on for about 5 minutes which acts as a mask as well. I couldn’t recommend this product more.

2. Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

Want to try out a face mask that works? Derma E’s mask with activated charcoal draws out impurities and cleans out pores for a deep cleanse. I treat myself to this mask about two times per week, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin is always left feeling smooth, radiant and my pores are noticeably smaller. Charcoal face masks are a must have for me, but this one is the best one I’ve tried yet.

3. Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but around the exact time I noticed my skin was clearing up, I had just begun using the Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer in both the morning and at night. It is made with a natural active soy complex and promotes even skin tone and texture, specially made for acne-prone skin. I purchased it on a whim, but have been obsessed with this product for nearly three months now and I’m currently on my second bottle. I think my skin reacts very well to the soy complex, and I honestly think it is a huge factor in the improvements in my skin. I am not the type to trust over-the-counter products for my face, but this Aveeno moisturizer has been a true life savor. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it. I would say it’s worth a try for anyone looking to banish breakouts. It has never left my skin oily, but has also never left my skin without enough moisture- just the perfect balance.

I have been seriously contemplating doing a post all about how I cleared my acne, tricks, tips and what I did. It is a very personal subject for me, but if it helps anyone I would be willing to tell my full story. If you are interested in a more in-depth post about how I got rid of my acne (with before and after pictures) please leave me a comment down below. I want to write what you all want to read, and would appreciate any feedback you have for me.

Browse Derma E’s website here

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And as always, thanks for reading. xoxo, Madeline

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Beloved Winter // My Favorites + My Video

Wow. What a winter…. a cold winter.

Honestly, in the sixteen and three quarter years that I have been livin’ my life on Earth, I haven’t experienced a winter in Oregon quite like the one we had this year. Fall came early, and with it, buckets of rainfall.

After autumn, came a surprisingly wintery winter. And by that, I mean more rain, some freezing nights, many dark days, and finally… loads of snow. Well, loads of snow for us Southern Oregonians who live in the valley where snow sometimes isn’t seen for a couple years.

I’m not going to be cliche and say that I love the snow and winter is my favorite season and cold weather clothes are 10x better than warm weather clothes …. because in my heart I know that summertime is my favorite time.

So yes, the snow is nice for a couple days, but the moment it begins compromising my driving and that of others’ and when the sun doesn’t peek out from the clouds even once in a whole week, that’s when I am quickly over it and my body literally craves actual warm sunshine. Anybody else?

I am ready for days filled with golden sunrays that warm up my soul.

But….. as a devotion to winter, I decided to compile my holy grail (tangible and non-tangible) things that helped get me through this harsh season.

1. Hask Chia Seed Shampoo & Conditioner

Hask hair care products have literally saved my hair this winter… they keep it abundantly moisturized and silky smooth. I am in love with this natural, no additives line and would highly recommend all of their products because they are so nourishing to the hair!

2.  Minerbs Activated Charcoal and Rose Face Cleanser

I use this at night to remove my eye makeup before using my specialized acne facial cleanser (which I do not put around my eyes!). It is nice and gentle, but still works wonders in deep cleaning the skin. It’s also 100% natural and made here in my home town by a wonderful woman I know. The Minerbs brand carries mostly mother and child products for mamas to be or who currently have babies, like gentle moisturizers and powders that are all natural. I love to support small businesses, and I think you’d love this one! You can find them online here.

3.Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate

I have already talked quite a lot about this great collagen protein powder… if you want to hear my full scoop on it read my smoothie recipe.

4. Nature’s Path Gluten Free Naturally Sweetened Corn Flakes

This needs no explanation… except that it’s my favorite guilty pleasure- gluten free, refined sugar free yumminess.

5. Frontier Bites

I recently picked up this flavor, blueberry almond, and a pineapple flavor… and man do I love these little snacks. Perfect for on-the-go (especially at work), healthy and so addicting.

5. Wrapped Hoop Earrings 

I have had these treasured earrings for around 4 years now probably, a gift from a friend. I still wear them quite often, and whenever I do, I get loads of compliments on them. Everyone always asks me if I made them myself, and I always answer with, “no, but I should have”. So maybe I will sometime in the future, because they seem easy enough to DIY and I wouldn’t mind having a second pair.

6. The Balm, Meet Matt(e) Trimony

This lovely little single shadow has done me good throughout this last fall and winter. It’s the perfect deep burgundy shade for the colder months, and looks best when blended with my favorite soft brown shade in my crease. It’s been a go-to look of mine for months now.

7. My 2017 Video

On a random note, I made this creative recap and New Years intentions for 2017 on my YouTube channel. I worked super hard on the filming and editing and would appreciate any feedback I can get. I’m an amateur, but hey, 2017’s all about doing something new and pursuing what you love, right?

Thanks for coming along on my very random winter favorite with me. Xoxo

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Crepes // Gluten Free, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free

Who doesn’t love crepes?

I know I do, especially on a chilly morning with a cup of coffee, and topped with a generous amount of peanut butter.

Today I’m sharing my all-time favorite gluten free, vegan, refined sugar-free crepe recipe with you all and I am so excited. I’ve been making this recipe for about six months now, and I feel like I’ve finally perfected it. So enough with the chit chatting, let’s get onto the recipe.

First, I wanted to quickly mention my crepe topping/filling of choice; this delicious Wild Friend’s peanut butter. Today I used their coconut chocolate peanut butter which reminds me of nutella, but is only made with agave and natural ingredients. However, they have a multitude of other flavors to choose from, for example, this gingerbread peanut butter, and they also make almond butter and sunflower butter if peanuts aren’t your thing. The company was started in Eugene, Oregon, very close to my home, and their story and outlook on food is one I can stand behind. I would fully recommend checking them out, looking for them in your local grocery store, and supporting their growing business!


In order to add a holiday flavor to these crepes, I opted for a touch of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and extra vanilla extract. I enjoyed the depth of flavor they added. dsc00043dsc00046

I choose to use a mix of two gluten free flours- this one is one of my favorites: Bob’s Red Mill all purpose flour, which acts as a 1:1 substitute for regular flour. Through recipe testing, I have found that varying the flours while cooking with gluten free ingredients makes for a better outcome than using all of one type of flour. But I have tried other flour mixes in this recipe, and all all-purpose mix seems to work just fine, so use whatever you have on hand. I just recommend sticking with the Bob’s Red Mill mix for half of the portion of flour, and you can change the other portion of the flour mixture if you desire. dsc00069

And secondly, I added the Enjoy Life gluten free all purpose flour.dsc00082dsc00099

Here I used rice milk, just because that’s the best milk for all of my allergy needs, but feel free to use any plant milk of choice. dsc00118dsc00129dsc00139dsc00157dsc00166dsc00175dsc00183

Gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free Crepes

1 cup Bob’s Red Mill all purpose flour

1 cup Enjoy Life all purpose flour

1/4 cup coconut oil (liquified)

2/3 cup plant milk

2 cups water

1 tbsp. Vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

1/4 tsp. Pumpkin pie spice 

1 Tbsp. Maple syrup

Pinch of salt

Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Grease a large pan with coconut oil. Ladle a small amount of batter into a low-to-medium heated skillet and quickly coated the entire bottom of the pan. Let cook until the edges start to curl and then flip and cook for a bit longer. 

Top with any desired toppings: chopped nuts, peanut butter, maple syrup, powdered sugar and butter or fruit. dsc00148

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more healthy recipes and collaborations with awesome brands! xoxo

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In(Fuse) your Coffee with Nutrients + How To Get Frothy Coffee

To be honest, up until a couple months ago, I was never a huge fan of the normal, over-rated cup of coffee. And frankly, I’m still not.

With that being said, I recently discovered a coffee revolution that has transformed my mornings. And today I will be sharing my little secret with you, along with a sweet recipe that will have you in (healthy) caffeine heaven.

Before the recipe, I just want to talk about the actual coffee for bit… Have you ever heard of healthy coffee? Neither had I, before I found out about this one. It’s called Fused by Rain International and it is made from a balanced blend of grapefruit seed, grape seed, pomegranate seed, and black cumin seed. Each seed provides its own variety of benefits and nutrients for the body. They have combined the four seed oils into each coffee bean, creating a high-powered source of nutrition that elevates your normal cup of coffee and transforms it into a source of health and wellness.

I am blow away by the idea of coffee being good tasting and good for you. I absolutely love love this product and can see myself using it for years to come because it’s so much better for you than regular coffee. Now you can get energized and drink your nutrients for the day all in one. I’m going to show you how I like to drink my Fused black instant coffee in my favorite recipe. If you’re interested in further researching, or purchasing the Fused coffee by Rain, you can go to this website–> Rain

p.s. Rain also makes a latte version of the Fused coffee (with the same 4 seed oils) that is made with coconut creamer which means it’s dairy free, creamy and delicious. Try it out here.


Now onto the recipe…


These are the ingredients I like to use in my coffee:

Fused black coffee , coconut milk, wild cocoa powderwild cocoa butter and cinnamon. dsc_0047

Pour one packet of Fused coffee into about 8 oz. of hot water. dsc_0064

Sprinkle in the cocoa powder.

Add the cinnamon.dsc_0088dsc_0091

Steam, or microwave your choice of milk. I used coconut.dsc_0093

Pour your coffee mixture and milk into a blender (and try not to spill like I did)dsc_0100dsc_0106

Blend until frothy.dsc_0128dsc_0130dsc_0132

Transfer back into your favorite mugdsc_0143

… and enjoy:)dsc_0146dsc_0148

This coffee tastes really yummy and has the perfect flavor for fall. I love adding cinnamon and cocoa to make a “mexi mocha” type drink, but feel free to add any spices you prefer. I don’t usually measure the amounts of cocoa and cinnamon I put in, but I just eyeball how much I like to taste (sorry for the non-measurements). You can also substitute the cocoa butter for regular Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Buy my mug here

Buy the coffee here

Visit Wild Foods Co. here

Get the cocoa powder–>

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Saturday Smoothie: Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair

I am always a sucker for a great smoothie. Especially a green smoothie.

Today I’m sharing with you one of my all time favorite nutrient-filled smoothie recipes that I like to drink. This beauty beverage is packed with ingredients that nourish the hair, skin, nails and overall health. It is so quick and easy to make in the mornings before work or school, you just throw everything in a blender, and in a few moments, voila! it’s ready to be slurped down as you’re driving to your destination (or at least that’s what I do).

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate

I wanted to quickly talk about the “protein powder” that I have been using, and absolutely loving for the past 6 months. It is made from collagen, in a very convenient powder form that allows you to simply dissolve it in hot or cold water, or add it to anything you wish, like smoothies. It is not made from whey, and does not contain any additives. The only ingredient is hydrolyzed collagen, which means no nasty sweetners or bad things for the body. In a serving of 2 tablespoons, it contains 11 grams of protein, and is packed with essential amino acid groups. And the greatest thing about it, since it is made from collagen which is found naturally in bones, skin and cartilage, it is easily absorbed into the body. I have personally seem many benefits after putting it into my smoothies a few times per week, such as increased shine and health of my hair, skin and nails. Although my hair is already thick, I have noticed it to be stronger. I would 100% recommend it to anyone wanting stronger, thicker hair and improvement in their skin.


I have also been really enjoying my Non-GMO Spirulina Powder
& BodyMe Organic Wheatgrass Powder
(these links aren’t the same brands that I use because I couldn’t find them, but they are just as good)dsc_0726

I included Nutiva Organic Chia Seed, for their omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. I also like to add Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for a healthy fat and nutrition for the skin and hair.



My favorite green smoothie fruit blend is any tropical mix, preferably one that has both mango and pineapple. And spinach is my go-to green of choice since it has a mild flavor and is packed with nutrients, but kale is always a good substitution. dsc_0718

I never make a smoothie without at least one banana (fresh, or frozen) because of the creaminess they add to the drink. But make sure that your banana is spotty, like this one, or else it is not ripe yet and can be hard to digest. dsc_0738dsc_0749dsc_0759

Because I am slightly allergic to almonds, and I don’t think soy is a good alternative, I opt for organic, unsweetened rice milk as my liquid of choice. However, any liquid you prefer will do just fine, such as coconut water, other non-dairy milk, or unsweetened juice. dsc_0769

Finally, after throwing all of the ingredients in, and squeezing in half of a lemon, you will be left with this bright green smoothie that doesn’t even taste healthy.

(well, maybe a little)dsc_0793dsc_0806


1 banana (fresh or frozen)

3/4 cup of frozen tropical fruit mix

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 t. Non-GMO Spirulina Powder

1 t. BodyMe Organic Wheatgrass Powder

2 T. Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen

1 T. Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds

1 T. Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1 and 1/2 handfuls spinach

1 cup non-dairy milk

Blend it up! and enjoy right away.

I hope you enjoyed my quick and healthy smoothie recipe. Please let me know if you’re interested in seeing more of my original health food recipes! Thank you for reading.

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Duck feather and herbs review

Natural apothecary is quickly becoming very popular. Let’s ditch the over-processed, chemical-filled pharmaceutical medicines, and instead fill our cabinets with local, natural medicinal herbs.

A company that I have recently been loving is called Duck Feather Herbs, based in the quirky city of Portland, Oregon. They sell their hand crafted tinctures and teas on Etsy, and each product is made with love. They were kind enough to send me several items to try out, so here I am today commin’ atcha with my full review.

Sleeping Beauty tea-

This soothing substance is sure to calm anyone’s nerves. With hints of chamomile and lavender, this loose leaf tea is the perfect beverage to sip on before bedtime.

Good belly tincture-

Looking for a natural remedy for an unsettled stomach? This tincture is a great medicinal herb that soothes even the gnarliest aches. Just put a few drops into your favorite tea, sit back, and let your tummy be soothed. img_2817

Have a good rest tincture-

One of my favorites. Just drop a few drops into the Sleeping beauty teaor another one that I love; vanilla Sleepytime before bed, and rest easily with sweet dreams. With hues of chamomile and lavender it is sure to have you sound asleep in no time.

Healing Head tincture-

I get so many headaches, so man, any relief is great for me! Interlaced with feverfew, skullcap, lemon balm and peppermint, this tincture is the perfect cure for those nagging headaches and will leave you feeling refreshed for whatever the world might throw at you.

What are your thoughts on natural apothecary? I’d love to know. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day, Madeline.

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Recipe// Mid-Sunday Treat

 Happy Sunday!

Today has been a great day, I was able to finish my chores around the house, get in an exercise and make this flippin’ delicious post-workout treat! 

Want to know how to make this customizable “acai bowl”? 

Here’s how…

What you’ll need:

  • A handful of spinach or kale
  • 1 cup of frozen berries (I chose a cherry mixture)
  • Half of a frozen banana 
  • A few splashes of almond milk (enough to make it blendable, but we still want it to be thick)

Simply put all of those ingredients into your blender, and blend until creamy and thick, almost like soft serve. 

Next, put the smoothie mixture into a bowl and top with your favorite things! I used strawberries, hazelnuts, pecans, gluten free granola, chia seeds and a couple spoonfuls of almond butter. 

Finally, arrange it to be Instagram-worthy, snap a few pics, and enjoy! Let me tell you, this was delicious and full of antioxidants, fiber and nutrients that are perfect fuel for the body, especially after a strenuous workout.   
I hope you enjoyed this quick, easy and healthy recipe! If you try it out please send me a picture on my Twitter @mangopapaya27 or my Instagram @moody.madeline❤️ 

Love all. Love Madeline. Xoxo. 

Sprinkles upon sprinkles.

Yesterday I baked a birthday cake for my sister’s big 18.

I made a 4 layer vanilla velvet cake with CONFETTI. Yes, I created my very own confetti cake without a box mix. And holy cow, it is so simple, just add lots of sprinkles. I iced the cake with an amazingly smooth almond buttercream and decorated it with a star tip and more sprinkles.

I was able to bake this whole beautiful thing without my sister knowing and surprise her at her work with her co-workers. It was a success!

It’s my masterpiece, plus it made people smile. Hope you all enjoy.

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soothing soup.

there’s nothing like a hot bowl of ramen (yes, raw-men) to sooth the ever-desiring soul. happy new year’s, thank you for a wonderful few months!
p.s. this creation is straight from the magical kitchen of Toshi’s in Eugene, Oregon. close to my home and most definitely close to my heart.

and the miso butter is my personal favorite.