innovation at it’s finest.

yesterday I decided to step far outside of my style comfort zone and wear a maroon floppy hat, perfect for fall. the hat is my mom’s and I had been thinking about sporting it for weeks. let me say, it was a great choice, and gave me a lot of confidence.
in the morning I roughly curled my now-short doo and placed the accessory on top. I paired the statement piece with a basic black shirt with thin white stripes, a charcoal grey cardigan, and my dark wash skinny jeans. the outfit was the definition of fall and I loved it. I also wore brown leather midi boots that pulled the different elements together nicely.
if you’re ever contemplating wearing something far outside of your “style”, don’t be afraid and go for it, because sometimes the most unique things look the best. love all. love Madeline.



i rarely use exclamation marks, which means this must be an important occasion. well, your assumption was correct… I SOLD MY FIRST THING ON ETSY. hold your applause, I know it’s crazy but it’s mostly true. since you’re dying to know what it was, I’ll ease your mind and tell you it was a 1970’s cropped, green Christmas sweater. and it was extremely cute in my opinion, therefore, I definitely understand why it was snatched up so quickly. on Etsy, I styled it with a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans and buckled leather booties. even though the pants weren’t high waisted, the slightly cropped sweater went well. and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to sell anything as quickly as I did, but I am NOT complaining. the recipient used a check as the form of payment, so as soon as it comes through my PayPal I will be shipping it to the UK.

I know there’s notice of a story behind my first sell, but nonetheless it really inspired my shop and keeping it updated. AND I couldn’t keep it a secret from my favorite blog readers any longer! here’s the pictures that sold my sweater, I hope you find joy in them also. and if you haven’t already taken a look at my shop I would really really love and appreciate your support❤️

ps. i was going for the hipster, laid back style if u didn’t feel the vibe.



when I woke up, all I wanted to was to stay in bed all day, but sadly, school prevented me from doing so. why not wear a giant, warm, cozy fall sweater instead? I mean, it’s just like staying cuddled up in bed, right? right. so I did. the chunky knit sweater made a nice duo with my straight leg, light wash denim. I wore my tribal printed Toms booties with the outfit. My hair was in a half braided updo. this look gave a warm welcome to fall without telling it to blow it’s coldness full force just yet. you can still be stylish while being warm and comfortable.


topped off.

i paired vintage stripes with a chic, black bodycon skirt. I wore knockoff Doc Martens to dress the look down a bit, and topped of the outfit with a half topknot. my shirt is oversized so I opted for the tied side to give myself more of a silhouette. my school bag is from Flying Tomato, i liked it because it added mixed prints. when I walked out of my room this morning my mom said “how Kardashian of you” which I assume was a compliment. yay. one problem I had was that my hair is so long, my topknot coiled 2 times instead of one, making it stick up taller on the top of my head. but all is well and I enjoyed dressing up a little.
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sweet street style.

with this outfit I was going for a laid back look, wearing a beachy muscle tank, tied flannel and cuffed jeans. again I paired this duo with my sky blue converse (which need to be put to rest very soon) and a long statement necklace. I left my hair natural. the apple was a nice touch and it sure tasted delicious so why not include it in my picture, right? right. I could have gone for an even beachier look by wearing light wash jeans instead of dark, but I felt they added more of a chic side. I like how the colors pop in the flannel and sneakers, bringing in Fall, yet still holding the last drops of summer close.