an unusual break.



during this Christmas break I have been anything but my normal self. on any average vacation, I would be scrambling to make plans for every waking moment. i thought it was fun having days as full as books and never staying inside the house for too long. I used to complain even if I was bored for a mere hour, I was never able to enjoy the peace and quiet of relaxation…
fast forward to the Christmas break of my sophomore year. things started rapidly as I scrambled to whip up holiday treats for family gatherings and assemble the last of my Christmas gifts. but once Christmas day came and went I was left with only remnants of the sweet smells and glow of twinkly lights.
the not-so-good part… i have spent the majority of my time off sitting at home in my pajamas watching survivor and eating unhealthy (but delicious) candy I was kindly gifted by loved ones. the funny thing is that I was so hopelessly oblivious that I didn’t even realize how little I had accomplished until my break was already halfway over.
the redeeming aspect… it may sound boring and in no way productive to lounge around the house for many hours on end, but I have surprisingly learned many things about myself resulting from this time. (and mind you, I also put in a fair share of hours at my job working as a fill-in; still not necessarily fun though).
10 things i have found while taking part in relaxing during winter break:
1. I don’t need anybody to keep me entertained, nor do I need to leave my humble abode.
2. Sometimes the best therapy is taking time for yourself and hearing out your thoughts.
3. Blogging is much better than interacting with human beings.
4. When you’re not always busy, you are left with more time for rediscovered hobbies (such as jogging).
5. With all the extra time to sweep your mind for thoughts, you may come across hobbies or careers you might want to pursue in the future (maybe in college).
6. I have helped myself let go of long-term baggage (aka people).
7. I have gotten back into the habit of reading and my love for it has returned.
8. I realized that the number of likes you get on a photo shouldn’t effect you anymore than a tiny fly effects a giant horse.
9. There are many benefits and perks to being a blogger that I had no clue even existed.
10. I’ve rediscovered the things I love in life.

what productive, or non-productive things have you accomplished during 2014 winter break? thank you for being wonderful readers as always. love all. love Madeline. xoxo

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a day in town.

while I spent my last day with my best friend (read my previous post to learn more about her) we decided to grab a bite to eat at an urbanized, new restaurant in the heart of downtown. as we waited for our food we walked a few blocks down, searching for the perfect brick wall to photograph our fleeing moments together. we found one and posed in front of a busy street, because why not?
here I’m wearing a white RVCA shirt with a blue logo, I really like of the shirt is shaped, I feel like it does a nice job of complimenting my figure. over that I wore my favorite flannel, orange and rustic red colored for a warm touch to the outfit. I paired the look with light wash skinny jeans tucked into leather midi boots with a fuzzy interior. to accessorize I put on a faux ivory, short elephant necklace from my dear friend in Spain. my hair was simply braided from the previous night and the front was tied up to stay out of my face. this is a perfect example of throwing together an outfit in mere minutes, while still managing to look somewhat cute.

… this post is dedicated to my beloved best friend, Anya Rosa. she is one special girl. I already miss her and can’t wait until the day I get to see her beautiful face next. the people in Panama don’t know how lucky they are to live with such a talented, beautiful, and kind young woman.
p.s. she has a youtube channel. please go visit, give her feedback, subscribe and like her videos, it would mean the world to me. :::

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when I woke up, all I wanted to was to stay in bed all day, but sadly, school prevented me from doing so. why not wear a giant, warm, cozy fall sweater instead? I mean, it’s just like staying cuddled up in bed, right? right. so I did. the chunky knit sweater made a nice duo with my straight leg, light wash denim. I wore my tribal printed Toms booties with the outfit. My hair was in a half braided updo. this look gave a warm welcome to fall without telling it to blow it’s coldness full force just yet. you can still be stylish while being warm and comfortable.


topped off.

i paired vintage stripes with a chic, black bodycon skirt. I wore knockoff Doc Martens to dress the look down a bit, and topped of the outfit with a half topknot. my shirt is oversized so I opted for the tied side to give myself more of a silhouette. my school bag is from Flying Tomato, i liked it because it added mixed prints. when I walked out of my room this morning my mom said “how Kardashian of you” which I assume was a compliment. yay. one problem I had was that my hair is so long, my topknot coiled 2 times instead of one, making it stick up taller on the top of my head. but all is well and I enjoyed dressing up a little.
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sweet street style.

with this outfit I was going for a laid back look, wearing a beachy muscle tank, tied flannel and cuffed jeans. again I paired this duo with my sky blue converse (which need to be put to rest very soon) and a long statement necklace. I left my hair natural. the apple was a nice touch and it sure tasted delicious so why not include it in my picture, right? right. I could have gone for an even beachier look by wearing light wash jeans instead of dark, but I felt they added more of a chic side. I like how the colors pop in the flannel and sneakers, bringing in Fall, yet still holding the last drops of summer close.